Some Like it Hot

One of my all time favorite movies. Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. The movie open on two musicians who are broke. They've got a job playing at a gin joint during prohibition, but the place gets raided, so of course they don't get paid. They find another job a good distance away, but they have to borrow a car to get there. While picking up the car, they manage to witness the Valentine's Day Massacre (oops!), and needing to both get out of town, and money, they take a job that they don't really fit the bill for. The two guys take a job in an all girls' band that includes Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe is fabulous, as ever, and Tony Curtis plays his characters with ease. Jack Lemmon though is a complete gem in this. He's a man, posing as women, yet still being courted by a man. This movie touches on subjects that, at the time, were taboo, and never talked about, and yet here they're used to fabulous comedic effect. There's cross-dressing, a slight touch of homosexuality, music, and promiscuity all touched upon.

It's surprising to watch when you really look at what's going on. I think everyone had a lot of fun with it.


Death Proof and Planet Terror. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. This movie, and I'm sure you know is a double feature, complete with movie trailers for films that don't exist (yet). It's great because it's all a throwback to the exploitation movies back in the 70s (the ones I'm too young to have gone to). It's fantastic overall because it's campy and gory and scary and suspenseful and funny. The first of the movies Planet Terror is about this chemical that turns people into Zombies. There are some people who are strangely immune to the drug as it goes airborne though, Cherry, a go-go dancer (Rose McGowan), included. Her boyfriend, Wray (Freddy Rodríguez), is another of the immune and through the course of the movie, she loses a leg to some of the zombies and he replaces it with a machine gun towards the end of the film. It's gory beyond anything I've ever seen, but some of the one-liners are wonderful. The second film, Death Proof, falter in comparison. If you watched the two seprately, Death Proof would probably be the better of the two movies, but watching one after the other, Death Proof spends probably 75% of the movie on character development rather than on action, gore and comedy. After watching Planet Terror, this movie seems so much slower and boring in comparison. Death Proof centers around Stuntman Mike and his car, which he believes is invincible, or Death Proof. There's two different sets of girls he goes after, and this is where I think the movie, when paired goes slightly wrong. I feel like it should have been more violent, have more girls he goes after, rather than spending so much time on character development of people he kills off halfway through the movie.

On it's own, as a separate movie, Death Proof is probably the better of the two, but next to the other one, it seems boring.


Bad Education

This movie is rated NC-17, and I never thought I'd say that I actually enjoyed a movie rated, NC-17, but this movie takes you through so much, that you can't help but enjoy it. There are different aspects to what's going on with the characters. And there's a layering of 3 different stories at several points. It starts with the external story with Enrique and Ignacio, who now goes by Angel, meeting again for the first time in years. Then, a second layer develops when Angel gives Enrique a script or short story about their childhood to possibly develop (Enrique is a director, Angel is an actor). The third layer comes in within that short story in the form of blackmail about a character's past. Towards the end of the movie, when the previous internal layers have wrapped up, there's a new internal layer correcting some of the details of the other story. It can all get confusing, but if you can keep track of what layer you're in (pay attention to Gael Garcia Bernal) it's not too hard to follow. The story itself, has a few of the similar themes of Almodovar's other movies: sex, transvestism, prostitution, religion. But this movie throws religion in deep, with a priest, and there isn't a woman to be found in this movie. It's rated NC-17 due to a bit of explicit sex, though there's no actual full frontal. There's a lot of drug use, and some pretty nasty language, even in translation.

A very good, yet very twisted movie. It supposedly represents part of Almodovar's childhood along with Volver.


All About My Mother

I watched this movie earlier this evening and I can't help but think that Penelope Cruz is a fantastic actress, when she's in her own language. She's got this delicate yet strong as iron thing down, like a diamond snowflake (wow, that's really metaphorical for me). In this movie, she's a secondary character, but she's a nun, or a novice, who get pregnant, then finds out she has HIV. It's strange because when you see her in English, her accent is so think, she's hard to understand, but in Spanish, it's almost like she doesn't even have to have lines, she's just so good. Especially under the direction of Almodovar. The main character, Manuela is played by a woman named Cecilia Roth. She's just lost her son, and her history is revealed as she interacts with these new characters. This is the 4th movie by Almodovar I've seen in recent weeks, and I'm picking up a lot of similar themes. Transvestism, Religion, Strong women, sex, prostitution, organ donation (I'm not sure where this one comes in) all in a slice-of-life setting. This is the first film that I've seen, that actually feels finished: the others have felt as though they could have gone on just a little bit longer, like I wanted to know the characters just a little bit more. Their stories could have lasted just a bit longer. This one was different. It actually finished, and it somehow deals with slightly different themes. All About My Mother throws AIDS and HIV into the mix of transvestism and prostitution. It also brings other topics, like motherhood to the forefront, the way a mother interacts with her child.

It's a good movie, though I don't think it's as good as some of Almodovar's others. Watch Volver first.

I am annoyed

Why? do you ask? Because they canceled Drive. They've aired 3 episodes, 4 if your count that the first episode was split into two, and those nights, even 24 did badly. So maybe everyone was just busy that night! They should really just give it another few weeks. It's not like it would really cost them anything. I mean, instead of airing Drive, they're airing re-runs of House! Why not just run Drive, let people get into the story line, get into the characters, until they can actually replace it with something. Personally I think that makes more sense, than yanking it before people have a chance to say, "Oops, I missed the first episode, let me catch this one."

Other than that things are peachy. I tried to file a police report on my bike, but I don't have the serial number for it, so there's nothing they can do about it. The cop at the police station told me to call back if I find the serial number (which is never going to happen). He kinda got all pissy at me because I was nervous about filing a police report (something I had never done), and I didn't realize he was asking for my address, and as usual I was being slightly evasive about it (creepy guys asking where I live at Starbucks, you just get used to saying an area rather than an address). So he asked me if there was some reason I was afraid to give him my address, and of course there wasn't, so I had to explain to him, that I had never filed a police report before. I don't think he believe me. I think he thought I was just some punk kid trying to get a free bike or something, I don't know. Trying to cause trouble, or waste time. I mean, I know, someone stole my bike, big deal, I didn't get mugged, raped, or murdered, so no one cares. But I paid $150 for the bike and another $50 for the basket and bell that I put on it. Granted, that isn't much, but I spent a lot of time on that thing, and I loved it.

Question of the Day: What's making your day?


Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One

This was an odd movie. It was made in 1968, way before reality TV was conceived of. In the film, William Greaves, the director is directing a pair of actors through a scene. While they are being filmed, another crew is filming them, and then there is a 3rd camera filming everything else. There is a lot going on in this movie, and there doesn't seem to be one idea. There's certainly no culmination, or definitive end. The way the movie finishes, it implies that it could, essentially, go on for ever. There are other people who wander onto their "set" and since they're filming in Central Park, this isn't a surprise. The crew seems genuinely astonished when a man tells them he has been sleeping in the bushes for the previous 6 weeks.All these things add up to a somewhat choppy haphazard movie, that is fascinating. It probably isn't to someone who isn't in the industry, or doesn't care how movies are made, but even then, there are a few train wrecks of emotions. People get incredibly frustrated after having the actors do the same scene over and over for 6, 7, 8 days in a row. The actors go through character dilemmas. The crew complains about the script, and yet we never actually hear directly from the director. He's always elusive. And yet we feel his touch throughout the whole film...

A truly interesting movie.

Someone Jacked my Bike....

I'm not as pissed as I would think. I haven't been locking it while it was at the apartment, just while I was in town, so this doesn't necessarily surprise me. But it still annoys the piss outta me. I came home today, intending to go to the farmer's market, and i go outside to get on my bike, and it's gone. As in not there. As in someone stole it, which really annoys me, but doesn't really make me mad the way it should. I mean, I have to go out and buy a new one now, which is money I don't want to spend. And there's all this other crap I have to deal with involved in it, but I don't want to deal with it. I'm thinking of getting roller skates instead, but then I can't go into stores, and I still have to carry groceries. With a bike I can get a basket. It's all stuff I have to think about and then do something about in the next few days.

Question of the Day: Have you ever gotten anything stolen?


Oy Oy Oy...

Wow, there is so much going on right now, and I'm so caffeinated that I feel like typing for the next 45 minutes....

The store I'm currently working at, is losing yet more people. Will, the manager is hiring 3 people that all start next week, and you'd think that that would help us get fully staffed, but over the course of 2 weeks, we're losing 5 people. Marilyn's last day was last Wednesday, Edel's last day was today, then there are 3 more people who are leaving in the next week! Sergio quit like 2 weeks ago (and apparently got arrested for driving without a license last week), so we're a mix of really experienced people, and a whole lot of newbies. One of the problems I see is that because there's such a high turnover for some reason at this store, we're desperate to keep the people that we do have, so they're never going to get fired. One of the people who is leaving was transferring in, but her store said, "Oh, wait, we need her back..." Apparently they didn't have enough shift supervisors.

Last night, Jess & I went to a concert-y type thing. We went to see this band Red Car that her friend Victoria is obsessed with, and we showed up early enough to catch the 22 groups before them. Now this was all well and good except I had been up since 8am, so I was already tired, and making me even more tired was the prospect of the fact that I had to open this morning, at 5 am. So I got 4 hours of sleep last night (hence being caffeinated).

The bands last night were good. I bought the CD of one girl, Michelle Featherstone. She was really good. The girl who came after her was really fun too, but I can't remember her name, and it's kinda annoying me. Red Car was a lot of fun, but they were really really loud. Where we saw them all, at the Hotel Cafe, is a really small venue, and they had the guitar turned up so loud it was drowning out the other instruments a bit, and the singer was trying to get up over the guitar. At one point they mentioned the fact that they had considered doing the show acoustically, and I kinda wish they had. It wouldn't have been as loud, and then I think the music would have been more even in sound volume. The cool part is that for a good number of their songs they had a strings section. And I mean a whole section: they had 2 violins and a cello. it was really cool and added a whole different feel to the music. I really liked it.

I finished reading this book about a week ago called The Serial Killers Club by Jeff Povey. Oh. My. God. This book was insane. it's all about this guy who gets attacked by a serial killer, and instead of succumbing, he kills the serial killer. he's curious, so he searches the guy and finds an invitation to a club of serial killers: where they all get together, talk about kills, make sure they're not targeting the same victim, talk about what caused them to become serial killers. It's completely gruesome and absorbing. It's like an, "I can't believe they're doing that!" reaction. The main character is by turns both completely annoying and sleazy and then turns witty and fascinating. I'm not going to tell you the rest of what happens, it's great though. I love it... It'd make a great Showtime or HBO TV series...

Question of the Day: Why am I so hyper?


Love Me If You Dare

I officially love this movie. I need to see more French romantic comedies. This and Amelié are such quirky films about love and about people that are not normal. But anyone can make a movie about two normal people falling in love and life getting in the way. Hollywood does that all the time, but this movie takes two children, playing a game of daring one another to do one outrageous thing after another. They fall in love growing up together, but it get so much more complicated than that. She wears her underwear outside her clothes to a math exam, he winds up running away from the police. All for a sad, romantic ending.

I can admit though that this isn't everyone's kind of movie.


I'm getting fed up with my life right now. I'm bored, I'm confused, and I'm frustrated. I know I should be doing something more with my life than I am right now, but I just can't seem to figure out what yet. I think I want to act, but it's just so hard to break into that business. I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I can arrange my hours at Starbucks so I can still make a living and do it.

Then my personal life is getting all kinds of crazy messy. I mean I thought I had something good going, but I've made a total mess of it, because I manage to freak out every time something starts to look up. I think the few 'relationships' that I've had were doomed to fail from the beginning and I probably knew that subconsciously, or I wouldn't have gotten into them.

Then there's this whole this with my dad, which I haven't blogged about at all. It's one of those things that I keep a little more private. But I feel the need to vent about it all. Until now, I could pretend that my dad was alright, he was in pain, sure, but he was fine because most of his problems probably stemmed from taking himself off his medication and all of that. Now, he's spent 10 days at the John Hopkins in Tallahassee, and they're sending him for 3 weeks to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. With all of this, I can't pretend that he's fine anymore. They're saying he's got all this stuff wrong with him, and I don't understand any of it. And one of the reasons they're sending him is because they can't figure out specifically what's wrong! Or what's causing what's wrong... And it all boils down to me getting really upset that my 75-year-old father is breaking down.

Question of the Day: What's your dysfunction?



So I just got out of the shower and I was contemplating how soon I need to shave my legs again (something I hate doing), and I noticed that I've got 2 scars on my left knee that I have no idea where they came from. They're probably from something really mundane, like falling off my bike at age 7 or something like that, but I realized that I can tell a short story regarding all or most of my scars.
  • There's the scar that's still healing from the mole I had removed like 3 weeks ago on my stomach (everything is fine by the way).
  • There's the other scars on my stomach from when I had my gallbladder removed last year (just about one year exactly).
  • There's the scar on my butt from the time I fell in the trash can on Homecoming night (I wasn't even drunk, I just tripped and fell of a step, and managed to land in a trash can).
  • There's a tiny scar on my foot from dropping a pair of rose clipper on it.
  • There's the scar, or more aptly scars on my shin from my first time shaving. That one didn't hurt so much, but it bled like crazy. I think I had stolen my mom's razor...
  • I've got more scars on my back and one on my chest from having moles removed.

I've probably got others, but I'm not examining myself while I'm listing these...

It's funny how scars change from scars to marks of time. I don't really have that many, but I know I'll get more as I get older. Even banging my knee too hard against something, or I'll fall off my bike again, or god forbid, I'll get into a car accident.

Question of the Day: Where are your scars?


Friday the 13th

So today (well, technically yesterday now) was actually a really good day. It was Friday the 13th and I had lots of fun with it.

  • I finished my taxes as I posted previously. Of course, I waited until 4 days before the deadline, but they are finally finished.
  • I got to work tonight with 2 of my favorite people. (Always a good thing.)
  • While one of my least favorite people came in to the store, she really didn't get on my nerves at all tonight...
  • Plus, I got to see Scott Bakula! He came in with one of his sons.

Ok, I know you know who that is. Back in the late 80s early 90s, he was on Quantum Leap. Only one of the best shows ever. I totally grew up on that show. He was on Enterprise for a while too.

Question of the Day: How lame do you think I am for getting excited about that?



I was amazed by this movie. The fights are in the now stereotypical style of wire and flying acrobatics, but the story itself and the cinematography are incredible. The film is set just before the unification of all of China under one ruler, at the point when he was conquering the other kingdoms in order to unite them all. Three assassins are after him and he offers huge rewards to whomever can kill them. One man, Nameless, does so and comes to meet the king. In the style of Roshomon, there are different stories to be told. Initially, there is the false story, the one Nameless spins to get closer to the king, then there is the Kings story of what probably really happened, and finally Nameless corrects the kings story to reveal what actually happened. For each telling of the story, for each interaction between people, the colors of costumes, settings, and locations changes slightly. For example, in the first telling the initial meeting between Nameless, Snow and Broken Sword, everyone is in Red. In the second they are all wearing Blue, and in the final telling they are all wearing white. It's incredible coloring, and the story itself, and the moral behind the telling is quite amazing, especially in today's times. It can be hard to grasp though.

A beautiful film about history, with a modern application if you look at it.

I finally finished my taxes!!!!

Yeah, yeah, call me last minute Lucy, but it took a while. The deadline is this Tuesday, because the 15th is a Sunday, and then Monday is a holiday or something, but I finished them on Friday the 13th!!! Who says it all bad luck today??

One of the reasons it took me so long was because I had 6 different jobs last year. So, I has 6 different W-2s that I had to deal with. One of them got sent to my parents house by mistake, and I didn't realize it, so my mom had to send it to me here. When they finally all got here, I had to figure out how to do them, and I got lucky. One of the perks of making so little money last year was that I could e-file for free. Even H&R Block has a free e-file thing if you make under a certain amount. So I did that for my federal taxes, but for my state taxes (silly California Income Tax), I was going to try to do them myself, MISTAKE! I started them this morning, and another hour and a half later, I was so confused, I just gave up and decided to shell out the $30 to H&R Block to get them to do it for me. Plus I could e-file that way and just not have to worry about it. So I should have my rebate check back in 2-3 weeks. I'm getting almost $400 back from Federal and $180 back from California. I only made $17,000 last year, so I'm below the poverty line. I guess that means I don't pay much into taxes and don't get much back either. No big deal.

I just have to remember to put that money in savings, not into my spendable money....

Question of the Day: How long ago did you get your taxes done? Go ahead laugh at me....


Drink up...

Working at Starbucks has lead me to invent a few drinks. Knowing me, this really shouldn't surprise anyone. At this point I just want to share with people what I usually make for myself. Anything with coffee, I always make decaf though.
  • Iced black tea with milk, sweetened with caramel and vanilla.
  • Caramel Macchiato with Almond instead of Vanilla
  • Doppio Con Panna, upside down with caramel sauce (Espresso with whipped cream)
  • Iced Passion tea with Coconut and Raspberry
  • Hot Passion Tea, two tea bags of course, with classic syrup (unflavored)
  • Iced Americano with Almond syrup and a bit of milk (usually soy)
  • Iced Raspberry Almond Mocha (one third of each syrup; also good with Hazelnut)
  • Almond Chai; hot or iced
  • Caramel Apple Cider with whipped cream and the toffee sprinkles
  • Cinnamon Hot Cocoa
  • Iced Tea with half Passion half Zen (green tea), sweetened with classic
  • Pomegranate Juice Blend with Tangerine instead of tea

That's all I can think of at the moment. I know there's more, and I come up with stuff all the time.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite drink?

Copying Beethoven

This was an ok movie. Nothing special. Diane Kruger is always watchable, but in this she's somehow slightly mousy. They make her out to be intelligent and slightly bookish with the glasses, and it seems slightly off. Ed Harris as Beethoven is good, but he doesn't seem quit large enough, and I'm not sure I mean physically. He pulls off the character, but the performance just feels like it's lacking an extra 'oomph'. The movie is not bad. The historical details in the costumes and the settings are quite good, the constant reminders of the maestro's deafness are not annoying, and the overall tone of the movie is ok. But the film feels like it's lacking something, a passion maybe. Maybe the script was a little too contrived. The music is incredible, for obvious reasons. The best scene in the movie is when Ed Harris, playing the deaf composer relies on his copyist to conduct his 9th symphony. He is so completely into the music and can't hear a single note of it.

A mediocre movie at best, but it's hard to say how it could have been better.



Wow, ok, the craziest thing is happening right now. Jessica, Kyle and I all just got back from dinner at Casablanca's, and we're sitting here debating what we want to do next,and we suddenly hear, what sounds almost like it's coming from our door, "Open Up! We have a Warrant to search the Premises! We have a warrant demanding entry!" I was a little freaked out because it really almost could have been coming from our door, but we figured out it was coming from upstairs. I peek my head out and look upstairs and there are 4 cops standing outside the apartment above us! As I go back in and tell Jessica and Kyle, they gain entry, and we can still hear them moving around and talking up there. It's a little creepy because we can always hear them up there, but know that we know there's 4 cops searching the place for who-knows-what, it's just a little weird to be able to listen to the whole thing...

The guys who live up there are pretty cool, too. Maybe I'm being naive when I say I don't really think they could have done anything to necessitate this.

I think they're done searching the place upstairs, because the cops are all out front chatting now. Very tacky...

I can't talk about anything else, this is all too weird....

Question of the Day: What's your most recent run-in with the police?

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I am so disappointed by this movie. I was so excited about it, and it was unbelievably boring. It had such a great cast. The general premise was ok, but the specific premise, was kinda lame. I mean, they really could have done so much more with it. The whole thing is a suicide and I felt like it really should have turned out to be a murder and it would have been a lot more interesting. Clive Owen is just trying to be intense the whole time, and he just turns out flat the whole time. They spend the first 20 minutes setting up the back story and his brother (Jonathan Rhys Myers) killing himself and why, but they don't tell you Will's (Clive Owen) reason for leaving in the first place, or any of that. It seemed like it should have had more in it. It was so slow paced, but it wasn't tense enough to maintain that slow of a pace.

A major disappointment.


The Pianist

I think I just spent the last 45 minutes crying. I have no doubts as to why Adrien Brody won his Oscar. He wholeheartedly deserved it. The movie lost Best Picture to Chicago, and while I didn't bawl at Chicago, it is a really good movie, and it had to have been a neck and neck race. And Roman Polanski did win for Best Director. So I feel it all worked out in the end. The movie itself is incredible though. It tells the story of this incredible Pianist who lived in Warsaw before and during and after the time of the Nazis. The movie tells the story of how he goes from being on the radio to being sent with his family to the ghetto, then the rest of his family gets sent to the labor camps, but one of the Germans pulls him out. Prevents him from going off. The last hour of the movie is the best. It tells about how he hides from the Germans, and searches for food, and how people bring him food in apartments.

It's simply a beautiful, sad, slow, tense movie. I loved it.

no tip?

Where I was not sure I was making the right decision about changing stores before, I'm now extremely happy about my decision. Tonight, I had one of the most miserable shifts that I have worked in my life. I don't really complain a lot. I know it may not seem that way from the point of view of a reader of my blog, mostly because I enjoy blogging as an outlet for my complaining. But in real life I don't complain nearly as much as I do online. At any rate, tonight was bad. And for no real reason.

I had to work with one of my least favorite people. Normally, I don't even mind working with him because it's during the day, and I don't mind the fact that he does absolutely no work. There's usually about 4 other people there, so I can just ignore him. It's not like he's even actually on the floor, taking care of customers anyway. But tonight, it was a closing shift, just me and him, and another guy who's actually pretty cool, but doesn't really like to work. Conwell (the third guy) hates actually working, but always gets the job done. I don't understand how he pulls everything apart to clean it, but it all happens before we walk out that door. But the other guy, who will remain nameless (something I do so it doesn't come back to haunt me), pretty much left the entire close to me and Conwell. I'd be OK with that if not for one thing, one tiny little detail: He's the shift lead. Wait, what? Yeah, so the shift lead, who is supposed to set a good example for other partners, was using his sidekick on the floor the entire night, was off the floor talking to one of his friends, and did very little work until we actually closed the doors and it came time to count the tills and actually close the store. Then he played with the safe for half an hour.

On top of all that, we had a huge order faxed in, right as this sterling example of a supervisor was leaving for lunch. He got a phone call, then he turned to me and said, "There's a fax coming in, make sure that happens, I'm going on my lunch." And then he left. Normally faxed orders are 7 or 8, sometimes as high as 15 drinks. No big deal. This one, the first page came through as just a cover sheet, page 1 of 3, with just the words, "I'm sorry..." written on it. It was 33 drinks for the models on Deal or No Deal. And Conwell and I did the entire thing by ourselves. The worst part of it was, when they came in, they picked it up, and didn't leave a tip. I know, tips aren't required, but for 33 drinks, costing over $100, and faxing it in to us, it's just good form to leave a tip!

The only redeeming points about the evening were that Chris came in to do homework and kept me company as we were closing, and that I finished reading my book while I was on lunch.

Luckily, tomorrow I close with Eli, who is much cooler.

Question of the Day: What kind of camera do you like? Digital or 35mm?


Four Weddings and a Funeral

I feel slightly ashamed to say that I had never seen this movie before. It's not as sappy as I expected. It's all about exactly as the title says, four weddings and then a funeral. Hugh Grant plays Charles who is a serial monogamist, and Andie MacDowell plays Carrie whom he meets at the first wedding. they fall in love, but she's engaged to someone else. The third wedding is hers, and the last is his, and the way it all plays out is just classic. And very true to life today. It's very funny, and a little sad in parts.

A good romantic comedy.

Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

I am going to have the songs from this movie stuck in my head for a very long time. They're really very catchy. The movie is incredibly funny, wry and layered. I watched the making of video too, and there's little tidbits hidden in it. Like the fact that the high school is named after Anslinger who was the father of the Drug War. Marijuana was made illegal under him I think. And the references to Hearst, the Newspaperman, who wanted hemp banned because the paper was competing with his own. And Dupont because Nylon was soon to come out. The story line of this movie follows almost exactly that of the earlier movie. The difference being that they condense 4 characters down into two. Sorta. There are still the other two characters, but they're sidelined and not innocent at the beginning like in the original. They throw in some really funny bits like Sally selling her baby, and they completely reverse the rape scene so it's not so awful. They also throw in some brownies and the fact that pot make you hungry all the time.

Did you know that smoking too much pot will turn you into a zombie?

Reefer Madness: Tell Your Children!

This is the original 1936 version of this movie. There's another one that I"m going to review in a minute, but I felt like I should have seen this one first, since I took the trouble to see both. This version was apparently financed by a church group, and the producers and financiers took it very very seriously, but the actors and director knew it was campy. I mean, in this one, which isn't really that much different from the musical version in terms of storyline, there are 4 kids, one is a set of siblings, the other two are their respective sweethearts. The two boys get drawn into this 'den of evil' (a reefer smoking apartment), and basically lose all ability to function. One takes his sister's car and accidentally runs over an old man. When she follows him to the smoking section, her boyfriend gets her to smoke, and then tries to rape her. The brother comes in and thinks she's doing it of her own volition, but tries to stop them anyway, and the girlfriend gets shot when the pot-pusher comes in. It's all very sordid.

There's a suicide, rape, murder and insanity, and it's all because of Marihuana!!!



I think I can honestly say this is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. It's a crime caper, but the criminals are all so blundering that it's completely hysterical. There's about 6 different story lines of people trying to steal a diamond to stay alive, and it gets tossed back and forth between different people trying to get it for different bosses. Then there's a guy trying to get a gypsy to fight because he knocked out another fighter. Brad Pitt is the gypsy or Pikey as they say in the movie and he's almost completely incomprehensible. I could understand a lot of what he said, but not nearly all of it. Jason Statham is in it as a guy named Turkish. He's always great. Dennis Farina, Rade Serbedzija, Benicio Del Toro, and a bunch of other cool people are all in it.

A British Gangster comedy.


But I'm A Cheerleader

This movie completely satirizes the whole realizing your sexuality thing. It's an internal struggle, and the movie externalizes the whole thing. It's fantastic. Because like it or not, there's still a lot of homophobia out there, which is very sad. Basically the movie is very metaphorical at the same time as being satirical. It's really intelligent, as well as being funny and silly, and candy pink. Natasha Lyonne plays Megan who is sent to a gay rehab clinic when her parents and friends suspect her of being a lesbian because she doesn't like kissing her boyfriend among other 'clues.' And she's fantastic. She's so cute and perky and cheerleader-y, but not the evil backstabbing kind that I grew up in High School with, so she's really really likable. She's just blond and cute and confused. The rest of the cast is surprisingly good too. Melanie Lynsky is in it, with her fabulous New Zealand accent. Clea DuVall plays Graham, the love interest with overbearing parents. And of course RuPaul would have to be in a movie like this. It's really funny.

Because as much as you try to convince yourself or someone else, you cannot truly change who you are.

The Shawshank Redemption

This is one of the all-time great movies. It's kinda quiet though. It's not like a Forrest Gump that deals with a retarded guy, excuse me, learning disabled, or a Godfather that deals with family crime. It's just a guy who wrongfully goes to prison and how he deals with it for 17 years. Tim Robbins is amazing. He's incredible in this role, like it was written for him. He's quiet and thoughtful and powerful. Morgan Freeman is quintessentially the con man in this. The guy inside who can get anything. He's both funny and kind and just criminal enough to make it all interesting. I'mnot surprised he was nominated for an Oscar for this. The movie got 7 Oscar Noms, but pretty much lost to Forrest Gump across the board. Except for Best Score, it lost that to The Lion King (which I can kinda understand).

Well deserved the Oscar Noms...

Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

I can't believe I'm actually admitting to sitting through this movie. But I feel like I give so many good reviews that I need to prove that I don't actually like every movie ever made. Until I actually looked it up just now, I couldn't figure out how this movie actually got made. Apparently, the original book was written by Ron L. Hubbard, founder of Scientology, and John Travolta pushed for it to be made. And here I couldn't figure out how he let himself be talked into doing it. The whole thing behind this movie is in the year 3000 the Earth is ruled by an Alien Race, and this random guy decides to overthrow them. And of course somehow it all works, and mostly easily. It might not be such a bad movie, even though it's a completely unoriginal storyline, if the dialogue wasn't so odd, and the cinematography very weird. The color is all crazy and they keep using bizarre camera angles.

No wonder it's on so many 'Worst Of' lists.


I have a confession to make. Something I haven't told anyone yet. I just need to get it out in the open and practice saying before I can really tell anyone. I'm pregnant. I'm not really sure how it happened. I mean several weeks ago, I went out with a few friends, and there was lots of alcohol, and the place was hazy with smoke, and I think someone slipped me something because I know I did things I wouldn't normally have done. I don't think I blacked out, but I know most of the night is really fuzzy. So I've spent the last week and a half puking my guts out and this morning I finally took one of those tests, and I got the little pink plus sign. I'm totally freaking out! I'm not even sure who the father is!

April Fools...

Question of the Day: Did I get you?