I can see why this movie got a lot of press coverage when it first came out. I thought at first, "Oh, it's not going to be that good. It's just the topic that everyone loves or is intrigued by, because it's new. Like that gay shepherd movie..." (They're not actually 'cow'-boys...) But I felt like it was a movie I should see because it did get such good reviews, and I loved it. Felicity Huffman is incredible. She plays a man on the verge, just before his final trans-gender operation. Because there are so many psychological issues with anyone who would want to change genders, this movie deals with that as well. Plus, it pops up that the man had a fling as a college student or something and has a son. Since the mother is dead, Bree is dealing with this son, who has no idea who she/he is, and there's a lot going on with him as well.

A movie that may be a little hard to explain, but it's very family, very beautiful in its way.

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