Talk Talk Talk Talk

I feel like I should explain something. About myself. I probably don't have to because it's irrelevant in this format, but because there are several of you who communicate with me in both this format and in other digital formats (i.e. text messaging, IM, etc.), as well as face to face and over the phone, I feel it's not entirely an unfounded exposition. (Wow, that was a verbose phrase.)

I don't communicate well over things like IM and TXT. I'm pretty sure it's not just me, but I'm particularly bad. I have a tendency to ignore IM windows, but that's a small crime. Many times I just don't understand what people are saying. It's really hard to explain. Because of the pure text, with no inflections, no emotions, it's really difficult to tell what someone means. Especially with me because I, and many of my friends, enjoy the handy use of sarcasm. I also find it difficult to say things. Here it's one thing because it's just me doing a monologue. I get so few comments (ahem!) that there's no real dialogue going on. I can generally explain myself pretty well, and even if I don't, it's not like I'm someone famous who has to worry about being misunderstood. Plus over IM, because it's 'instant' you have to be meticulous in your typing. I'm usually really good about it, but I told someone I didn't want to wait until August for something. Unfortunately, because I'm relatively new to the whole txt-ing thing, I accidentally wrote that I don't want to until august. I forgot the word wait, and because of the nature of txting, I didn't realize I had made the mistake until a week later, when my phone told me I had to delete some of my messages because memory was getting full....

I really like talking over the phone. You can hear the inflection in people's voices, but you've got enough of a distance that you can blush without them knowing, or change clothing, and they usually can't tell.

So, I'm having future issues again. I'm really having a conundrum. Bill & Michelle want me to move up to Alaska. And while living near them sounds nice, Alaska no longer sounds as appealing. I just don't think I want to be that far away from everything. I talked to Michelle last night and she talked about my having kids and moving in next door to her and she and I ruling the PTA meetings. I could totally see that. It would take moving to Alaska though. Right now, I'm kinda leaning towards the East Coast. Or staying here. That's my conundrum. I talked with one of our regulars this morning, Jay, and I keep turning it over and over in my head about potentially wanting to get back into acting. It would take some work, but I could totally do it. I almost feel guilty for not doing it. I live in LA! I could be anywhere in the US doing what I'm doing right now, but I live in LA. There's no reason (beyond start-up money) for me to not be doing that. It would take time out of my jewelry making, but I'm not doing as much of that as I would like either. I don't know. And right now I'm really tired because I stayed up to late last night and then had to open this morning. I think it might be naptime....

Question of the Day: What are you reading at the moment? (Besides my blog, duh!)


Courtney said...

Hi Debbie!

This is your very first college roommate! I saw a link to your site through the SRC alumni website.

Hope you don't mind my commenting...it's nice to see what you're doing these days. It's been a long time since we chatted over IM.

To answer your question, I'm reading Crunchy Cons and The Orthodox Church.

Maybe I'll "talk" to you soon!


P.S. Are you in touch with anyone else from SRC?

BlueCoder said...

Well I can relate but completely from a mirrored reality. Email and blogs I can edit. It's phone and real life conversations that I have trouble with. My mind just operates on different gears.

Your in your twenties. Go bungee jumping if you want to. Live.