Mary Kate Olsen came into our Starbucks today and people were talking about it for the next 5 hours. She looked homeless when she came in. She was wearing this slightly ratty green hoodie sweater thing, with the hood up, and a pair of over-sized white sunglasses, probably in hopes that you wouldn't recognize her, but most of us did right off. At least I did. Sadly I don't remember exactly what she ordered, but I do know it was a Soy-something-or-other. She paid with a $50-bill, which is supremely annoying because we don't keep larger bills (like $20s) in our tills, and we're usually out of $10s. So I had to give her back this huge wad of $5s & $1s. It was really funny because Miko kinda stepped in it, in my opinion, by saying as I handed her the change, "I'm a huge fan." I was like, 'Really?' It was funny though because everything just kinda stopped after she walked away from the register. Miko was taking orders, and she just stared after her, then turned and talked to Gina for a moment. I was waiting to see if she would take the next order, and I really like to eavesdrop so I was kinda listening in on what they were saying too. It took us a good several minutes to get rolling at our normal pace again...

And she didn't even tip us!

Question of the Day: What's the closest star-encounter you've had?

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BlueCoder said...

I worked for a cheap rental furniture place and I was in studios and production offices every day. Mostly I was too busy to notice. Most actors would probably have killed to have met the people I didn't recognize in the slightest. My partner would tell me names but I'd forget them pretty quickly.

The only actor I was actually stunned to meet was Brent Spiner who played Data on Star Trek. What can I say.. I'm a geek. I was actually surprised by him being as tall as he was, I always think they are much shorter. But I had the usual awkward moment. He's a good looking guy, I kept thinking afterward that he must get all sorts of women.