St. Pat's

Ok, so I didn't get to go to Disney today. So sad. But it's all ok, because on our way there, Jess & I saw this place called the Citadel, which from the outside looks like some kind of Vegas Showgirl Outlet center. On our way back from the failed Disney trip, we decided to go shopping instead, and it was a fun bonding experience for the two of us. I'm very proud of myself because I didn't spend more money than I would have if I had gone to Disney, and I got some really cool stuff. I got a pair of Chucks that are black with white polka dots and red laces. And I got a pair of boxers that are too small, but the trip to return them would be too far to be worth the price of gas to take them back. I knew I should have tried them on, but they're a boys' XL, they really should have fit. Oh well....

I know I'm gaining weight. I don't really mind except for the fact that I want my clothes to still fit. I need to stop baking. I made palmiers a few days ago (a cookie thing made with puff pastry), and I ate the entire batch myself in 3 days. I felt kinda gross afterwards, but I have some kind of insane sweet tooth. Even now I want to make more cookies, or brownies or something.

I was just browsing over at Myspace, and I wanted to do some stuff, and I saw an ad for AOL 6.0 "The most innovative Instant Messenger" ever! The ad says something about being able to put all your chats in one window, so I'm assuming they're talking about tabbed messages. What I'm thinking right now, is that AOL is retarded. (I just checked out AOL's website and it's side-tabbed chats, that they're calling grouped.) I've been using Adium for close to 2 years now, maybe longer, and they've had tabbed chats as long as I've used them. Trillian does the same thing, for non-Mac-users. AOL is so completely behind the times, and they won't admit to it. They're an evil empire. It's completely sad.

Question of the Day: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a dozen cookies today.