Princess Mononoke

I watched this one this morning and it's particularly apt at this time in our age of human development. As we realize what we're doing to the environment, of course there are going to be movies made about it, but this one is wonderfully done. Yes it's anime, but it's not a cartoon. There's a fine line of distinction between the two. I have to sat though I'm a bit of a purist. I watched this movie in it's original format in the Japanese with English subtitles, and I think it was much better for it. The performances are always slightly different with dubbed characters, and with this movie, it was dubbed with big name actors like Billy Bob Thornton and Claire Danes. Which to me makes no sense except that they wanted to be associated with this movie and it's topic. I tried watching a few scenes in the English version, and it was so distracting that I couldn't do it. Yes those actors are talented, but I much prefer the original version of anything.

A beautiful anime about the environment in an allegorical setting.

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