Over My Dead Body

I got to see this movie this past week as part of a survey thing. It's scheduled to release in September, but I figure I can put out my opinions on it now. For all I know though, they'll change the title (probably a good idea) and re-edit the movie from what I saw. Overall I really liked the movie. The humor in it was really funny. There were jokes in it that played off really well, and the laughs were great. Eva Longoria while her acting was good, she's just too flawless. I'm not sure I believe that she could be getting married to Paul Rudd in the first place. Speaking of Rudd, he's fantastic. I loved him way back in the day in Clueless, and he's really good in this. Lake Bell is surprisingly good in this. I hadn't seen her in anything else. She was the lead in the show Surface, but I had never watched it. I think the movie will do well released in September, but I don't think it'll be a smash hit or anything. It's decent, but not great. It has some really funny bits though.

Overall, it's a quirky, funny romantic comedy.

Update 6/10/07: Just found out they changed the title from How I Met My Boyfriend's Dead Fiancée to Over My Dead Body. Much better title. I like it...

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