Usually I'm not a huge fan of war movies. I wasn't a fan of Apocalypse Now, but I'm a chick, I don't have to like them. However this one has a bit more to it. And I promise I don't like it just because it's got Jake Gyllenhaal running around mostly naked for one part (though it's a bonus). The movie itself is amazing. It's all about Dessert Storm, when the US sent tons of troops over to basically guard the oil fields. And it's based on one guys memoirs, so it's all from his point of view. But he's smarter than he lets on, or the script writers were very savvy, because there's not obvious references to what's going on now. Which is probably why they made it now. The rest of the cast is pretty great. I always love Peter Sarsgaard, but I'd really love to see him play someone who isn't somehow crazy. Jamie Foxx is following up his Oscar with stuff that doesn't suck, proving the Oscar isn't a curse (assuming you ignore Stealth and Miami Vice).

Welcome to the Suck.

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