Gray Matters

I saw this one like a month and a half ago, but I'm only just getting to reviewing it. I'm hopelessly behind, I know... I really enjoyed Heather Graham playing gay. This movie is about a brother and sister who basically both fall for the same girl. Because of this, Gray realizes she's gay, and goes through a whole bunch of self-discovery stuff before she completely admits to it, and realizes it. It's a fun premise and Heather Graham does ok in the part. She doesn'tplay much different than she normally does, and I get the sense that she's trying to channel Meg Ryan. It's not a great movie. Some parts are truly hysterical though. Tom Cavanagh is great though. He plays the brother and he's always good. He was in Love Monkey, a show that got canceled, but I really liked.

A fair movie, quirky, funny, but no award winner. Definitely plays on some clichés.

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