I found this chick via MySpace which is completely odd in and of itself, ok whatever. I didn't really listen to it the first time when I first added her. I went back and listened to the song that is in the video above and I just could not get over how good it is. So I googled the name of that song and tried to find a translation of it and she's apparently morepopular than I thought she was because I found her on You Tube. And it wasn't just one or two things either. There's a whole plethora of her stuff there. Some of it is obviously pirated/cell phone video of her concerts which still have an amazing something to them for such poor quality. Others of it is copies of her song from lives performances on what appears to be a French version of MTV Unplugged, but I'm not sure.

In other news, I've been crazy busy with work. I think I'm staying in LA for a while. I don't have any idea how long. It's going to take a while before I can get promoted and I don't think people at my store like me. I had a sit down with one of the managers yesterday and she says that people have come to her to complain about my attitude. She says that I'm bossy and that I need to watch the way I communicate with people. Personally, I think she might need to stop being friends with people and start being their boss, because I see her playing favorites, and I'm not the only one getting the short end of the stick.

I worked at another store today which was a lot of fun because it's a drive-through store. I was on drive-thru for most of my shift and it was actually a lot of fun. It was really seriously busy though. Rachel told me she wants me to transfer to that store. I'd be willing to, but I don't know that right now is the best time to because it looks like I'd be doing it because of the other drama. Which honestly would be partly true. But I'll probably be working there more often and if they can give me the shift supervisor promotion, then I can transfer sooner. The last time I worked there someone said a shift was leaving, so there might be an opening for me. Maybe. Possibly. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I know I have a problem with the way I talk to people. And I know where a lot of it comes from. Some of it comes from the fact that I'm ambitious and I feel like I'm being held back, so I'm getting frustrated. The more frustrated I get, the more curt or bossy or whatever I get. The other part, the more deep-seated part comes from the only child thing. The slightly isolated thing. I'm working with people my own age. I get along great with our customers. I can joke and kinda play with anyone slightly older or even younger than me. But people my own age? Like the people I work with? I have no basis for relation. I didn't have siblings. I didn't have a lot of neighbors to play with, so it was just my mom and me. (Hence the strong bond between the two of us.)

One of my problems is that I am overqualified to be a barista. And I'm fine with that if I knew I could get somewhere. But I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. I've told the managers time and again that I applied for management, I want to be promoted, but it's just not happening. I was told I need to get put on a development plan or something back in November. I got told the same thing yesterday. I barely held back a sarcastic, "Yeah, I know, you told me that 3 months ago." (Which is what I felt like saying.)

To make yesterday even more fun, I managed to lock myself out of my apartment. I was taking to trash out and aparently I must have spun the lock on the doorknob, because when I tried to get back in, it didn't work. And of course I didn't take my phone with me to take the garbage out, and my purse & keys were both inside. So I sat outside for 2.5 hours waiting for Jessica to come home. I finally gave up and broke in when I remembered that her brother came into town this weekend. I was just sitting down, when she walked in. If I had waited 7 more minutes, she could have let me in. It was a great day, let me tell you...

Question of the Day: What was your best day ever?


BlueCoder said...

I hate you.. her music is so addicting. Strangest thing though is that when I look at her she reminds me of a combination of the girl actress from Harry Potter and an ex bartender of mine.

Anonymous said...

I love you...this music made my day! Looking at her brings back fond memories of a housekeeper of mine that I kept in a wooden box at the foot of my bed, and her muffled whimpers as I sat up at night reading Harry Potter. I'd occasionally feed her, but stopped because she kept climbing out of the window to escape. I just couldn't tolerate the gurgling noises the choke chain would have her make as she made it to the edge of the porch roof.

Post more music so I can get the gurgling noises out of my head....