I have to say I really didn't enjoy this movie as much as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, the effects were gorgeous, the fights were amazing, but there was something off about the movie. I think it had to do with the narration. I love David Wenham, but because of how he was supposed to be narrating, doing one of those pre-battle speeches, it was like he was shouting at the audience the entire film, which would have been OK during the fight sequences, but should have been backed off more during the slightly more serious bits. The casting was brilliant though. I agree with one reviewer I read ages ago though that Lena Headey is too skinny, but she's actually pretty good in her role as the strong Spartan female. She definitely looks like she hasn't eaten properly in a decade though. What I found amusing though is that I was laughing at entirely inappropriate points in the movie though (like the beheading of one character), and not laughing when everyone else kinda snickered (like certain sexual positions they didn't think would get shown).

Visually stunning, wonderful fight choreography, but missing something on one level and trying to make up for it with exclamation points.

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