Usually I'm not a huge fan of war movies. I wasn't a fan of Apocalypse Now, but I'm a chick, I don't have to like them. However this one has a bit more to it. And I promise I don't like it just because it's got Jake Gyllenhaal running around mostly naked for one part (though it's a bonus). The movie itself is amazing. It's all about Dessert Storm, when the US sent tons of troops over to basically guard the oil fields. And it's based on one guys memoirs, so it's all from his point of view. But he's smarter than he lets on, or the script writers were very savvy, because there's not obvious references to what's going on now. Which is probably why they made it now. The rest of the cast is pretty great. I always love Peter Sarsgaard, but I'd really love to see him play someone who isn't somehow crazy. Jamie Foxx is following up his Oscar with stuff that doesn't suck, proving the Oscar isn't a curse (assuming you ignore Stealth and Miami Vice).

Welcome to the Suck.


I can see why this movie got a lot of press coverage when it first came out. I thought at first, "Oh, it's not going to be that good. It's just the topic that everyone loves or is intrigued by, because it's new. Like that gay shepherd movie..." (They're not actually 'cow'-boys...) But I felt like it was a movie I should see because it did get such good reviews, and I loved it. Felicity Huffman is incredible. She plays a man on the verge, just before his final trans-gender operation. Because there are so many psychological issues with anyone who would want to change genders, this movie deals with that as well. Plus, it pops up that the man had a fling as a college student or something and has a son. Since the mother is dead, Bree is dealing with this son, who has no idea who she/he is, and there's a lot going on with him as well.

A movie that may be a little hard to explain, but it's very family, very beautiful in its way.

Gray Matters

I saw this one like a month and a half ago, but I'm only just getting to reviewing it. I'm hopelessly behind, I know... I really enjoyed Heather Graham playing gay. This movie is about a brother and sister who basically both fall for the same girl. Because of this, Gray realizes she's gay, and goes through a whole bunch of self-discovery stuff before she completely admits to it, and realizes it. It's a fun premise and Heather Graham does ok in the part. She doesn'tplay much different than she normally does, and I get the sense that she's trying to channel Meg Ryan. It's not a great movie. Some parts are truly hysterical though. Tom Cavanagh is great though. He plays the brother and he's always good. He was in Love Monkey, a show that got canceled, but I really liked.

A fair movie, quirky, funny, but no award winner. Definitely plays on some clichés.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I've been meaning to see this one since it came out in the theaters, but always, for one reason or another, I hadn't been able to. Having finally seen it, I know why I was so excited to. It's one of those movies, where they managed not to put all the good bits into the trailer. It was violent, the characters were well beyond quirky, they were downright deranged in some ways. The movie was seriously funny though. It was a crazy crime story, the characters were in one of those novels, and knew it, and read those books, and it was all really funny.

Pulp detective comedy.

The Kid Stays in the Picture

While this movie is essentially a photo slide show with a voice-over, and a couple of movie clips and interviews thrown in for interest, I really really loved it. This guy, Bob Evans, has led a very fascinating life, and the way he tells his story (he narrates it himself) with such emotion and vigor. He tells about drug use, and being a peripheral character in a murder, and the rise and fall and rise of his own career. Making movies, and meeting stars, and being discovered. I can see how this wouldn't necessarily be as fascinating to someone who wasn't in or near the industry. He was in one or two movies, then decided to produce, and somehow managed it all. He produced Love Story, The Godfather, and a bunch of other really successful films.

Surprisingly fascinating slide show.


Laundry, finally....

I think my clothes were starting to walk around without me. I haven't had time or energy to do laundry for like 3 weeks. I've been working 40 hour weeks between the two stores, and working 6 out of 7 days. My last day off was last Wednesday, and I won't have another day off until this next Saturday. While I'm not working 7 days in a week in terms of Starbucks' weeks and pay, etc. that's like 9 days in a row.

I'm also officially transferring to the other store. It's a drive-thru store, and it's much busier. Originally I thought it would be better for promotions, but today I found out that there are a bunch of other people leaving as well. Krista is going to Arizona I think to work on something for school, and they're making her quit for whatever reason, I don't know the details. Derek is demoting himself, which I just found out this morning, and has to transfer to another store to do it. He's working 3 jobs right now, and Starbucks pays the least, but the benefits are the best here, so he's staying just for that. So the store is losing 2 shift leads, plus me and Bindu is cutting her hours way back, to like 5 hours a week. The store is losing something like 140 hours a week of labor. I'm wondering who they're going to promote, or if they're going to transfer someone in. I almost feel like I should stay because they're going to need shift leads. But the other store is going to need supervisors too. I don't know. It's all very in the air...

Question of the Day: Llama?


Howl's Moving Castle

I had to watch this one in two segments, half last night, and half today, just because of other things going on in life. Honestly, even though I had to cut it in half, I'm kinda upset that it lost in the Best Feature Length Animated Movie Category. I mean it was up against Corpse Bride which was ok, and Wallace & Gromit which won, and I haven't seen yet. At any rate, it's a really great movie. I rather like it a lot. There's magic and love and it's about having strength. Physical strength and strength of character.

Plus Christian Bale is really hot, even if he only does the voice. In the English version. But he does have a line, There's no point in living if I can't be beautiful.


I love this. Currently, a good portion of the right side of my face is numb and it's annoying the hell out of me. I'm hungry, and I don't want to eat for fear I'll take a bite out of my lip. I had to get a tooth filled today. Very annoying. At least I can say that I rode my bike to the dentist's office. I had another appointment and another filling a little less than a month ago, but that one was a major filling. We weren't sure if that one was going to be a root canal and a crown or just a filling. It's all just loads of party time fun, huh?

Not only that, but I biked there, and I think it was the hardest bike ride I've ever done. Not because of the distance or anything like that. I've gone there, and I've biked further than that before. It's just this time, the weather was crazy windy. Sunny and beautiful, but really, incredibly windy. It made me feel like I was riding uphill the entire way. The crazy thing is that I must have been riding cross-wind or something because it felt like I was pretty much riding into it the entire time. I was exhausted by the time I got to the dentist office, let alone all the way home.

I think I'm going to go bake. That's a good idea right?

Question of the Day: What kind of cookies should I make?


Spirited Away

Considering this is supposed to be a children's movie, it's incredibly intelligent. I really loved it. It's all about this girl Chihiro and her parents. They're moving to a new town, and they accidentally stumble into another world. Her parents get turned into pigs, and she has to go along with some of the people and other things that happen in order to save then and help herself. She matures greatly (because she starts out as a very spoiled 10-year-old), and learns some things. She helps some people, and it's a good movie all around.

A wonderfully composed movie about growing up suddenly, in a magical context.

Oh, yeah.....

I remember what I forgot to talk about last night. The other night Jess & Kyle and I all went out to The Firehouse, I think it's called, for happy hour sushi. Instead of getting just sushi though, we decided to get nachos too. It was the most bizarre mix. I enjoyed it anyway.

In other news, I had some skin sliced off today. I had an appointment with a dermatologist, to check out some of my moles. I've had some of them removed in the past, with abnormal cells, so I like to keep good track of them. I went in today and the good doctor looked me over, and he didn't see any that really had to be removed right now. I did have one on the lower edge of my ribcage that was more abnormal than the others, so we chopped that one just so we'd have a baseline.

I am completely exhausted right now. I'm working crazy hours, close to 40 hours a week. I know, I know, that's not really that much, but when you consider that I'm working short-ish shifts, 6 days a week, and some of them are at 4 in the morning, I'm really not able to sleep properly. Throw int he fact that I think my mattress is hurting my back, and I'm tossing and turning the entire time I'm in bed. I need to see a chiropractor, maybe a masseuse.

I've been really getting into watching anime lately. I don't know what it is. I watched Spirited Away yesterday, and last week I watched Princess Mononoke. I'm not sure why I'm into it so much lately, but I'm really enjoying them. I refuse to watch the English versions, because they're dubbed, and silly, and the words don't even match anything, so I always watch the original. I'm crazy like that.... Right now I"m getting ready to watch Howl's Moving Castle. I'll let you know how it is. but I have to stop because I can't type and read subtitles at the same time. I'm good. I'm not that good.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite Animated movie? (I won't restrict it to just anime.)



I'm getting myself into trouble. I keep buying more DVDs that I just don't need. Jess & I went for a bike ride and just because we needed a destination and she wants a bookshelf, we went to Target. It's not too far from the house, and that way we wouldn't actually buy anything. We could check out prices, and get a little exercise. At any rate, the bookshelves they had were either too expensive (she's looking for cheap) or too industrial (i.e. from the garden center). So we checked out the DVDs and CDs and all that stuff and I was doing sooo well until we walked past the section of DVDs that they have for $5.50. They had The Saint. I love that movie, I will watch it anytime it's on cable. Val Kilmer is great. I feel bad about Elisabeth Shue's career, but she's not that great of an actress. I also bought Secretary. I almost bought Garden State too, but I know I'll be able to find that one on the cheap elsewhere, and Jess has a copy of it I can steal if I want to watch it until we part ways. Which is looking further and further away.

I'm making a resolution to myself. I know it's a little late in the year, I know, you're supposed to make resolutions in January, but I've only just come up with this one, and since it's the beginning of Summer, I feel like I might be able to keep this one for a while. My resolution is to get on my bike, every day, until I get fit again. I haven't really picked up a lot of weight, but I've gotten lazy, and soft around the edges. I've been eating really badly, and I don't feel well as a result. It could be part of the reason I was so sick last month.

I had something else I wanted to blog about...

But I forget....

Question of the Day: What was your resolution this year?


Talk Talk Talk Talk

I feel like I should explain something. About myself. I probably don't have to because it's irrelevant in this format, but because there are several of you who communicate with me in both this format and in other digital formats (i.e. text messaging, IM, etc.), as well as face to face and over the phone, I feel it's not entirely an unfounded exposition. (Wow, that was a verbose phrase.)

I don't communicate well over things like IM and TXT. I'm pretty sure it's not just me, but I'm particularly bad. I have a tendency to ignore IM windows, but that's a small crime. Many times I just don't understand what people are saying. It's really hard to explain. Because of the pure text, with no inflections, no emotions, it's really difficult to tell what someone means. Especially with me because I, and many of my friends, enjoy the handy use of sarcasm. I also find it difficult to say things. Here it's one thing because it's just me doing a monologue. I get so few comments (ahem!) that there's no real dialogue going on. I can generally explain myself pretty well, and even if I don't, it's not like I'm someone famous who has to worry about being misunderstood. Plus over IM, because it's 'instant' you have to be meticulous in your typing. I'm usually really good about it, but I told someone I didn't want to wait until August for something. Unfortunately, because I'm relatively new to the whole txt-ing thing, I accidentally wrote that I don't want to until august. I forgot the word wait, and because of the nature of txting, I didn't realize I had made the mistake until a week later, when my phone told me I had to delete some of my messages because memory was getting full....

I really like talking over the phone. You can hear the inflection in people's voices, but you've got enough of a distance that you can blush without them knowing, or change clothing, and they usually can't tell.

So, I'm having future issues again. I'm really having a conundrum. Bill & Michelle want me to move up to Alaska. And while living near them sounds nice, Alaska no longer sounds as appealing. I just don't think I want to be that far away from everything. I talked to Michelle last night and she talked about my having kids and moving in next door to her and she and I ruling the PTA meetings. I could totally see that. It would take moving to Alaska though. Right now, I'm kinda leaning towards the East Coast. Or staying here. That's my conundrum. I talked with one of our regulars this morning, Jay, and I keep turning it over and over in my head about potentially wanting to get back into acting. It would take some work, but I could totally do it. I almost feel guilty for not doing it. I live in LA! I could be anywhere in the US doing what I'm doing right now, but I live in LA. There's no reason (beyond start-up money) for me to not be doing that. It would take time out of my jewelry making, but I'm not doing as much of that as I would like either. I don't know. And right now I'm really tired because I stayed up to late last night and then had to open this morning. I think it might be naptime....

Question of the Day: What are you reading at the moment? (Besides my blog, duh!)


Princess Mononoke

I watched this one this morning and it's particularly apt at this time in our age of human development. As we realize what we're doing to the environment, of course there are going to be movies made about it, but this one is wonderfully done. Yes it's anime, but it's not a cartoon. There's a fine line of distinction between the two. I have to sat though I'm a bit of a purist. I watched this movie in it's original format in the Japanese with English subtitles, and I think it was much better for it. The performances are always slightly different with dubbed characters, and with this movie, it was dubbed with big name actors like Billy Bob Thornton and Claire Danes. Which to me makes no sense except that they wanted to be associated with this movie and it's topic. I tried watching a few scenes in the English version, and it was so distracting that I couldn't do it. Yes those actors are talented, but I much prefer the original version of anything.

A beautiful anime about the environment in an allegorical setting.



Mary Kate Olsen came into our Starbucks today and people were talking about it for the next 5 hours. She looked homeless when she came in. She was wearing this slightly ratty green hoodie sweater thing, with the hood up, and a pair of over-sized white sunglasses, probably in hopes that you wouldn't recognize her, but most of us did right off. At least I did. Sadly I don't remember exactly what she ordered, but I do know it was a Soy-something-or-other. She paid with a $50-bill, which is supremely annoying because we don't keep larger bills (like $20s) in our tills, and we're usually out of $10s. So I had to give her back this huge wad of $5s & $1s. It was really funny because Miko kinda stepped in it, in my opinion, by saying as I handed her the change, "I'm a huge fan." I was like, 'Really?' It was funny though because everything just kinda stopped after she walked away from the register. Miko was taking orders, and she just stared after her, then turned and talked to Gina for a moment. I was waiting to see if she would take the next order, and I really like to eavesdrop so I was kinda listening in on what they were saying too. It took us a good several minutes to get rolling at our normal pace again...

And she didn't even tip us!

Question of the Day: What's the closest star-encounter you've had?


St. Pat's

Ok, so I didn't get to go to Disney today. So sad. But it's all ok, because on our way there, Jess & I saw this place called the Citadel, which from the outside looks like some kind of Vegas Showgirl Outlet center. On our way back from the failed Disney trip, we decided to go shopping instead, and it was a fun bonding experience for the two of us. I'm very proud of myself because I didn't spend more money than I would have if I had gone to Disney, and I got some really cool stuff. I got a pair of Chucks that are black with white polka dots and red laces. And I got a pair of boxers that are too small, but the trip to return them would be too far to be worth the price of gas to take them back. I knew I should have tried them on, but they're a boys' XL, they really should have fit. Oh well....

I know I'm gaining weight. I don't really mind except for the fact that I want my clothes to still fit. I need to stop baking. I made palmiers a few days ago (a cookie thing made with puff pastry), and I ate the entire batch myself in 3 days. I felt kinda gross afterwards, but I have some kind of insane sweet tooth. Even now I want to make more cookies, or brownies or something.

I was just browsing over at Myspace, and I wanted to do some stuff, and I saw an ad for AOL 6.0 "The most innovative Instant Messenger" ever! The ad says something about being able to put all your chats in one window, so I'm assuming they're talking about tabbed messages. What I'm thinking right now, is that AOL is retarded. (I just checked out AOL's website and it's side-tabbed chats, that they're calling grouped.) I've been using Adium for close to 2 years now, maybe longer, and they've had tabbed chats as long as I've used them. Trillian does the same thing, for non-Mac-users. AOL is so completely behind the times, and they won't admit to it. They're an evil empire. It's completely sad.

Question of the Day: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?



I am very happy right now. I have several things going on in my life that just make me want to smile like some kind of crazy person. One thing I'm not going to talk about yet because it's new and I don't want to jinx anything. But that's probably the best and it involves good things and a certain person, and I'm grinning as I type.

Other things that I'm happy about are that I just ordered a bunch of beads and have started making more stuff! I finished one necklace today that's really pretty. It's almost all seed beads and it's all pink and white. It's got a few pearls on it too, and it's really delicate looking. It's also got these small square beads on it to give it a modern flair. I really liked the way it turned out...

Then, I'm also happy because I have the next two days off. Tomorrow, I'm going to do laundry, and work on jewelry and other stuff. Then Saturday, Jessica and I are going to the Happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. I got a season pass when I went a few months ago with Derrek, Rissa & Geoff, and while Saturday is a Blockout day, it'll only cost $30 to go.

The thing that sucks is this Saturday is St. Patrick's Day and as an Irish Person, I feel obligated to drink and party. Especially since it's on a Saturday. However, I have to work at 5:15am on Sunday. And going into work still drunk is a really bad idea. And we all know how big a lightweight I am.

Question of the Day: What makes you happy?

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

This is one of my all time favorite-est movies. It's such a happy movie. It's in French so be prepared for subtitles. But it's about this girl who is quirky and imaginative and lives in this bubble she kinda created for herself. She somehow falls in love with this guy who similarly lives in his own bubble. Their courtship is very strange because throughout the movie, they almost never talk, and never actually interact. The acting is great because Audrey Tatou is so cute and quirky. I really love her in this. And the other people who are in this are so perfectly cast in their characters. I suppose that's because I've never seen any of them in other roles, but still...

Such a happy, wonderful, feel-good movie.



I have to say I really didn't enjoy this movie as much as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, the effects were gorgeous, the fights were amazing, but there was something off about the movie. I think it had to do with the narration. I love David Wenham, but because of how he was supposed to be narrating, doing one of those pre-battle speeches, it was like he was shouting at the audience the entire film, which would have been OK during the fight sequences, but should have been backed off more during the slightly more serious bits. The casting was brilliant though. I agree with one reviewer I read ages ago though that Lena Headey is too skinny, but she's actually pretty good in her role as the strong Spartan female. She definitely looks like she hasn't eaten properly in a decade though. What I found amusing though is that I was laughing at entirely inappropriate points in the movie though (like the beheading of one character), and not laughing when everyone else kinda snickered (like certain sexual positions they didn't think would get shown).

Visually stunning, wonderful fight choreography, but missing something on one level and trying to make up for it with exclamation points.

Flap, Flap, Flap

So I was reading some movie news and I came across a tidbit saying that Magie Gyllenhaal is replacing Katie Holmes on the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight. I'm pretty sure I like this news. I mean Maggie is very non-mainstream. She does almost entirely indie movies and Small films with really good scripts. Which means that this movie probably has a really good script. Although Heath Ledger is playing Harvey Dent (soon to be Two-Face), and it could have just been a matter of wanting to work with someone her brother worked with, although I really doubt that. While the two no doubt have a relationship, I really don't think she'd do a movie just because he's doing it.

Question of the Day: If you were a super hero, what color would your cape be?


They think I look like these people....


Question of the Day: who do you look like?


For some strange reason, I keep making cookies. I made another batch the other day, right after the others were gone. These aren't as good, or aren't as pop-able (i.e. they're larger), so they're lasting longer, but I totally want to make another batch now. I can't really warrant it, but I really like baking right now for some reason. It's like a nesting instinct or something.

The batch I made the other day are an orange almond cookie. It's really simple, almost an orange shortbread. I got the recipe from a book called The Cookie Book by Catherine Atkinson, Joanna Farrow and Valerie Barrett. (The cover of mine is different from the one on Amazon, but it's probably got some of the same recipes.)
  • 9 oz/ generous 1 cup shortening (I used butter flavored Crisco)

  • 4.5 oz/ generous 1/2 cup superfine sugar

  • 2 eggs beaten

  • grated rind and juice of one orange

  • 11 oz/ 2 & 3/4 cups all purpose flour sifted with 1 teaspoon baking soda

  • 7 oz/ 1 & 3/4 cups ground almonds

  • 2 oz/ 1/4 cup confectioners' sugar mixed with 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place the softened shortening in a bowl and beat with an electric whisk until light and airy. Gradually beat in the superfine sugar.

  2. Whisk in the eggs, orange rind and juice. Whisk for 3-4 minutes more, then stir in the flour mixture and almonds to form a dough.

  3. Roll out on a lightly floured surface to 1/2 inch thick. Stamp out 36 round pieces with a plain cutter. Lift the pieces onto baking sheets and bake for about 10 minutes, until golden. Leave on the baking for 10 minutes to cool and firm slightly. Sift the confectioners' sugar mixture evenly over the cookies and leave to cool completely.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite cookie?


Paper Dolls

I found this website where you can play with paper dolls essentially. I know there are a lot of them out there. I found this one through a newsletter thing that I get. This one's actually a lot of fun. It's got animation and clothes and makeup and stuff. But that, to the left, is my Meez.

I also decided to make cookies which are very yummy. I've eaten like half of them already. It's an easy enough recipe to make, though it calls for almond meal which I don't usually use. I picked it up from Trader Joe's though, and I'm pretty sure you can get it at regular grocery stores, if not you can just finely grind up an appropriate amount of almonds.
  • 1.5 cups groupnd almonds (6 oz.)
  • scant 1/2 cup superfine sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder (not in the original recipe, but I put it in.)
  • 2 egg whites
  • some kind of sugar to decorate

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease your baking sheet or use a non-stick. Combine dry ingredients. Whisk egg whites separately in a clean bowl until they begin to stiffen. Fold enough into the Almond mixture to make a fairly firm mixture. Roll the dough into small balls and place on baking sheet. Bake for about 15 minutes. Slide a metal spatula under each cookie to release, but leave on the cookie sheet to cool. To decorate, you can either roll them in a small amount of powdered sugar before or after baking, or before baking you can roll along one side through raw sugar. Because they come out brown though, this makes them look slightly like meatballs.

I feel like I am somehow more attractive to the wrong kind of guy anymore. There is a guy at work that is creeping me out, and I had to set my MySpace friend requests to private so people would stop trying to proposition me. I don't feel like I'm that hot that people should feel like they're able to come on to me like that. Neither do I feel that desperate. Right now I am interested in one person (beyond your basic never-gonna-happen Jake Gyllenhaal fantasies) and he is in a different state. Everyone else that is stalking me, or interested in me, feel free to keep reading my blog, feel free to say hi to me, I'm still going to be friendly (I work at Starbucks, it's part of my job), but honestly, I'm not interested.

And I'm not interested in anyone more than 7 or 8 years older than me. As a rule. My parents are 25 years apart. I see what's happening to their relationship now and over the past 10 years. I have no desire for a sugar-daddy. Besides which, I was never that into older guys. Harrison Ford, while seriously cool, just doesn't do it for me....

Question of the Day: Who does it for you?

Donnie Darko

I don't understand this movie. It's really good, and it's completely fascinating. I watched it last night, and I watched it again today because I feel like there's something in it that's just beyond my grasp. At first it seems simple. Before I saw it, I had heard it's about a disturbed teen being controlled by a sadistic 6-foot-tall rabbit a la Harvey. But the movie is so much more than that. There's some things I can't even begin to think about and explain. There's time travel stuff, and alternate universes. There's a lot of philosophy in the movie. I don't even know how to explain how I think about it.

This is a movie that confuses me and makes me think, but that I still actually enjoy.



The thing the makes this movie so great is that it's not just one thing. It's Humphrey Bogart, and it's romantic, and wartime. There's a pair of star-crossed lovers, one of whom is already married. There's a bit of scoundrel-ness in the movie. There's a love story. The problem is I really want to hate Ilsa's husband, but I can't because he's such a good guy. He's not bad. If he were evil or even a little off, I could wish him badly so Ilsa and Rick could have their happily ever after. But I just can't. There's the war going on and scheming going on and murder and so much else. Plus it's Bogart.

Round up the Usual Suspects.


Over My Dead Body

I got to see this movie this past week as part of a survey thing. It's scheduled to release in September, but I figure I can put out my opinions on it now. For all I know though, they'll change the title (probably a good idea) and re-edit the movie from what I saw. Overall I really liked the movie. The humor in it was really funny. There were jokes in it that played off really well, and the laughs were great. Eva Longoria while her acting was good, she's just too flawless. I'm not sure I believe that she could be getting married to Paul Rudd in the first place. Speaking of Rudd, he's fantastic. I loved him way back in the day in Clueless, and he's really good in this. Lake Bell is surprisingly good in this. I hadn't seen her in anything else. She was the lead in the show Surface, but I had never watched it. I think the movie will do well released in September, but I don't think it'll be a smash hit or anything. It's decent, but not great. It has some really funny bits though.

Overall, it's a quirky, funny romantic comedy.

Update 6/10/07: Just found out they changed the title from How I Met My Boyfriend's Dead Fiancée to Over My Dead Body. Much better title. I like it...



I found this chick via MySpace which is completely odd in and of itself, ok whatever. I didn't really listen to it the first time when I first added her. I went back and listened to the song that is in the video above and I just could not get over how good it is. So I googled the name of that song and tried to find a translation of it and she's apparently morepopular than I thought she was because I found her on You Tube. And it wasn't just one or two things either. There's a whole plethora of her stuff there. Some of it is obviously pirated/cell phone video of her concerts which still have an amazing something to them for such poor quality. Others of it is copies of her song from lives performances on what appears to be a French version of MTV Unplugged, but I'm not sure.

In other news, I've been crazy busy with work. I think I'm staying in LA for a while. I don't have any idea how long. It's going to take a while before I can get promoted and I don't think people at my store like me. I had a sit down with one of the managers yesterday and she says that people have come to her to complain about my attitude. She says that I'm bossy and that I need to watch the way I communicate with people. Personally, I think she might need to stop being friends with people and start being their boss, because I see her playing favorites, and I'm not the only one getting the short end of the stick.

I worked at another store today which was a lot of fun because it's a drive-through store. I was on drive-thru for most of my shift and it was actually a lot of fun. It was really seriously busy though. Rachel told me she wants me to transfer to that store. I'd be willing to, but I don't know that right now is the best time to because it looks like I'd be doing it because of the other drama. Which honestly would be partly true. But I'll probably be working there more often and if they can give me the shift supervisor promotion, then I can transfer sooner. The last time I worked there someone said a shift was leaving, so there might be an opening for me. Maybe. Possibly. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I know I have a problem with the way I talk to people. And I know where a lot of it comes from. Some of it comes from the fact that I'm ambitious and I feel like I'm being held back, so I'm getting frustrated. The more frustrated I get, the more curt or bossy or whatever I get. The other part, the more deep-seated part comes from the only child thing. The slightly isolated thing. I'm working with people my own age. I get along great with our customers. I can joke and kinda play with anyone slightly older or even younger than me. But people my own age? Like the people I work with? I have no basis for relation. I didn't have siblings. I didn't have a lot of neighbors to play with, so it was just my mom and me. (Hence the strong bond between the two of us.)

One of my problems is that I am overqualified to be a barista. And I'm fine with that if I knew I could get somewhere. But I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. I've told the managers time and again that I applied for management, I want to be promoted, but it's just not happening. I was told I need to get put on a development plan or something back in November. I got told the same thing yesterday. I barely held back a sarcastic, "Yeah, I know, you told me that 3 months ago." (Which is what I felt like saying.)

To make yesterday even more fun, I managed to lock myself out of my apartment. I was taking to trash out and aparently I must have spun the lock on the doorknob, because when I tried to get back in, it didn't work. And of course I didn't take my phone with me to take the garbage out, and my purse & keys were both inside. So I sat outside for 2.5 hours waiting for Jessica to come home. I finally gave up and broke in when I remembered that her brother came into town this weekend. I was just sitting down, when she walked in. If I had waited 7 more minutes, she could have let me in. It was a great day, let me tell you...

Question of the Day: What was your best day ever?