Uncomfortable Appointments

I had 2 different doctor's appointments today. Both were of the kind that no one likes to go to. The first one was a dentist appointment. Which wasn't so bad because it was a new patient appointment, and they didn't do a cleaning, but they did do all those annoying x-rays where they stick the square film in between your teeth that scratches the roof of your mouth. It was all peachy keen though until the doctor noticed a bit of decay on one tooth (apparently I haven't been flossing enough), so I have to get a crown done because there's already a filling on that tooth. So, I get to go back next Thursday for the whole deal: the teeth cleaning and the crown (maybe a root canal thrown in just for kicks). Fun, huh?

After that, I got to go to my regular doctor's office and get a check-up because I haven't seen him in a while. And because it's been at least a year, I got to get a pap smear.


Not saying anymore...

Question of the Day: What's your least favorite doctor's appointment?

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