Starbucks Rules

Working at Starbucks has clued me into the pet peeves of those who work there. So as a public service to both those of us who work there, and to those people who have to wait behind you in line, I'm making a list.
  • Be either off your phone of hang up when you walk up to the counter. There are people behind you and if we have to wait for you, it slows everybody down.

  • If you're ordering like 10 drinks, call ahead. We can usually have them made for you by the time you get there. Or at least have them written down. It's easier for us. (And we're more likely to get your drink right.)

  • If you're ordering one drink, know what it is before you get up to the counter.

  • If you are a regular, and the barista knows you and knows your drink, let them know when you walk up, if you plan on changing it. You confuse us if you get something different!

  • If you aren't a regular, don't expect us to know what you drink.

  • If you see someone you don't know, maybe they're new, don't expect them to know what you drink.

  • Make sure you speak loud enough to be heard over both the steam wand, the blender and the coffee grinder, just in case all three happen to be going at once.

  • If we're busy, expect to wait longer than 30 seconds for your drink. There are people ahead of you.

  • If we're slow, expect to wait longer than 30 seconds for your drink. We may have to steam more milk.

  • During the late afternoon and evening, we shut down some of the coffee shuttles, therefore, if we temporarily run out of coffee, it will be at most for 4 maybe 5 minutes. You're caffeine withdrawals will not kill you before then.

  • If we happen to be short-staffed, which does happen, be patient with us. We are doing the best that we can with only X (insert current number of employees) people. Usually there are at least 3 people, but the state and company mandates we give breaks. It's a coffee shop, not a sweat shop.

  • If you are ordering a pastry, please tell us what it is. They all have signs, and literacy in this country is fairly high. Please don't just point. I have no idea what you are pointing at.

  • If our doors are locked, no matter what time of day it is. There's probably a reason. If it's the middle of the night: It's the middle of the night. If it's the middle of the day, there was probably some kind of accident. Look for a sign and then look for another Starbucks for today.

Question of the Day: What do you order when you go to a Starbucks-like place?


Anonymous said...

....Rule #1 about Starbucks:... You never talk about Starbucks...... Rule #2 about Starbucks.... You NEVER...TALK....ABOUT STARBUCKS.....

Anonymous said...

Triple Venti Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, non-fat, with whip.