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So the good news is, I'm feeling loads better than I was. I'm still nowhere near 100% though. I'm coughing like crazy, and can feel the mucus running down the back of my throat (tasty!), but I am feeling better. The bad news is I'm not going to Alaska. I wish I could I don't think I'll be better in time to catch a flight at 10 on Friday, besides which, I really don't need to worry about giving my germs to their sons. Also, I'm sure the cold Alaska air is exactly what my lungs need right now, especially when I'm having problems breathing to begin with. So I've managed to trade all my shifts (because of course I got scheduled to work when I was supposed to be gone), but not it's irrelevant.

I'm still trying to make up my mind for certain about Portland. My mom mentioned this morning that it would be a good idea for me to move home for a year, and I think I might agree. Move home, save lots of money, and not be as strapped for cash. I can go to the movies, go out to eat. I can go home and become a shift supervisor there, train and everything, then apply for Assistant Managing jobs from there for anywhere else in the country. I could stick all my crap in storage, as seems to be the theme, and then in another year, move up to Portland, or wherever is striking my fancy at that point in time. Maybe by then I'll have met my husband, and I can go from there.

Will someone please just tell me what I want to do?!?

Question of the Day: What do you think of my brilliant plan?


BlueCoder said...

You sound like me after I moved.

Normally I'd say go home, save up money, take a breather. But I'm afraid you'd get stuck there for some time, sure you'd travel but not move away.

I think you want to be more independent.

Your tired and broken, discouraged. But like me for most of my life you have no goal. You took your first step in separating work and doing something you enjoy on the side though.

Whatever you decide, get the boring day job in an office, work 8 hours, and be great at it, and when you leave, leave the work at work. Have a life. Or at least that's what I've been told.

Your interests are movies and crafts, fashion. I can't think of any other city your more likely to get work or training in that area or to find a job in a zillion other industries.

Fortune cookie - Life is boring and dangerous. You have to make yourself happy.

What are you searching for?

P.S. It's so weird, it's like I'm talking to myself...

By any chance would you know where to get a copy of the origional oceans eleven around here? I want to see it and then the remake. I never saw either and people told me it was a good remake.

Anonymous said...

The remake was better - had a MUCH better ending... I'm glad you stayed in LA even though we don't get to see you as often...