Sexy Librarian

I had a doctor's appointment today. I went to the optometrist and am getting glasses. I have to tell this whole story though. It's kinda funny. I woke up this morning at 7:30 and decided to ride my bike to my appointment because I knew that I'd get dilated. So I left here at around 8:15, and rode over and of course didn't check on the address. Of course, the building I was thinking of the address for was the dentist office (I have that appointment next week). I had to call my dad, and coach him through the VSP website to try and get the address for the optometrist's office. It was fun because it's actually right next door to the dentist's building. One is at 3855, and the other is at 3831. I finally get into the office, and luckily I am actually early (even after taking 10 minutes with my 74-year-old father on the phone), and I find out that, wait, my Vision insurance doesn't cover the visit with the doctor I have the appointment with. My Health insurance might, but they'd have to submit it, and there's no guarantees, especially since I wasn't referred. I asked if there were other doctor's there that I could see and luckily there was. I wound up seeing Dr. Kathy. Yep, that was her name. She was really cool, too: very chatty, very young (late 20s, maybe 30), and rather pretty. We go through the eye exam and she dilates my eyes and she puts me out in the waiting room. While I'm waiting to go completely blurry, I look at glasses, and I pick out a pair and all that stuff. I think I've got a very sexy pair. I'll post a new picture of me with glasses when I get them. But they're purple! I decided to shell out some extra cash for Transitions Lenses, and a little extra on top of that for a thinner lens on the right side. The thing with my eyes is that I've got a lazy eye, aka it's amblyopic. I still have full control over the eye, so it's not staring off to one side while the left eye looks at you, but it just means the eye doesn't pull it's full weight in terms of what I see. Also because of that, my left eye (the good one) is starting to get a little tired from doing more than it's fair share of the work. Hopefully, I'll gain more control over the right eye and it'll get 'better' to where I can get more use out of it, but most of that has to be done during developmental years (i.e. before age 14). While some was done, it apparently wasn't quite enough. I don't have a ton of problems with my eyes, just enough to be slightly annoying. But now I get to be a Sexy Librarian!

At any rate, once I finally got out of the appointment, I left, went home and crashed. I fell asleep for around 4 hours; and I was still dilated when I woke up. I called my parents, and got some bad news. My mom is leaving tomorrow for Illinois because my Great Grandmother just died. She was so cool too. She was like 93, I think, and her hair was still pink. It had been red when she was younger, but it just faded out. She lived in her own house until a few years ago when she started taking diuretics, and she was taking 2, one in the morning, one at night, but she was taking them both at the same time. She apparently started having some problems with blood in her urine and was in a lot of pain like a week ago, so I'm glad she went quick, but I'm really sad she's gone. She was my first relative to hold me when I was born. I'm sad that I'm not going to be able to head back for the funeral. It's this Tuesday, and I have doctors' appointments, and I don't think I can afford to take the time off of work, let alone buy a plane ticket. Especially since I'm going to Alaska later this month already.

Question of the Day: Where would you most like to travel to if money wasn't an issue?

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