Planet Woes

Oh, my God, I am moving to New Zealand tomorrow. Their current prime minister just vowed to make their country the first entirely carbon-neutral country in the world. I think it's amazing. They've got real things going on there, and they're requiring the government to chip in and help with how they're going to do that. Not just saying, hey you, be more efficient. But also saying, hey, we need to do this ourselves. Helen Clark (the PM) said that the different agencies of their government (47 of them) have to set an example by insulating, using more efficient transport, and having more sustainable practices.

"Two decades ago it was the threat of nuclear war destroying the world as we knew it which galvanised New Zealand to become nuclear free," she said, adding that the policy had since become "central to our national identity". "So it must be with this century's environmental sustainability challenge. We have to make a stand for our world, and for our own sake."
--Canberra (Some Australian Newspaper)

Question of the Day: What are you doing to save the planet?

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