Like Water For Chocolate (Como Agua Para Chocolate)

This is a beauatiful movie. I think it's Mexican. It does take place in Mexico, for the most part. At least just south of the border. There are a few scenes that take place in Texas. Around 95% of the movie is in Spanish, but it flops to English for a few lines because one of the characters is a British doctor. At any rate basically the movie is about these two people, Pedro and Tita, who fall madly in love when they are about 14 or even younger. However family tradition dictates that because Tita is the youngest daughter, she will never marry, and her mother forbids the union. So, instead, he marries one of her older sisters to be near her. Tita pours herself into cooking, and people start to experience her emotions through the food. It's a wonderful story, and I really like it, but the acting is a little strained at times. You know in many instances that they're playing at their roles. A few of them are quite good, and the woman who plays Tita, Lumi Cavazos, plays both sides of that fence. Sometimes she is wonderful, playing overwrought and depressed, but sometimes, maybe she was just having a bad day, and she was just pretending to act.

I will watch this one again and again for the story and the food and the love. It's beautiful.

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