L'Auberge Espagnole

This movie feels a lot like a documentary. Like someone just has a camera and is following this guy around. Obviously that's not true, but the way the camera moves, the quality of the film, even the candor in some situations is very spur of the moment. It's a light movie, about coming into yourself, and the big thing in you life that while it happens you don't realize how it changes you, but at the end you sit up and say, "Hang on a sec." The movie itself can get a little confusing at times because it's in three different languages: French, Spanish and English. There's even a dash of German thrown in for fun, but no one is actually expected to understand it, and one of the character's 'translates' for the audience. The reason I rented the movie was because Audrey Tatou is in it, but she has a very small role. There's another actress that I've come to recognize, named Kelly Reilly. She's really talented, and has been in quite a number of other things (including Pride & Prejudice, as Bingley's sister, and Mrs. Henderson Presents).

A good movie for young people. Should encourage study abroad, or at least travel.

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