An Inconvenient Truth

Every person on the planet should see this movie. I was literally in tears while watching it. I've been half-heartedly green for a long time, but this movie points out things that are happening that shouldn't be. And has graphs and charts that prove what we are doing to our planet. And Al Gore (yes, that guy who barely lost the presidency a while back) is great. He's funny and approachable and real. He's not some scientist that no one cares about, muttering about carbon dioxide emissions and CFCs. There's reality here, and photo-documented proof that you can't ignore unless you shut your eyes and refuse to believe. I had watched a ghetto-version of the slide show a while back and it's good, but not as good as watching the actual DVD. This version gets the point across, but you can't see all the graphs and animations. The DVD though. is amazing.

Watch it. You'll resolve to walk to work, or buy a hybrid.

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