I Married a Witch

Supposedly this is the movie that the TV show Bewitched is based on. After watching it I'm not surprised. It's a good movie, and I can see how the humor in it translated to the small screen. The way this one goes is that Veronica Lake is a witch. She and her father were imprisoned in a tree when they were burned at the stake back during the Salem Witch trials. One night, lightning hits the tree they're trapped in and releases them, so they go out and start trying to cause havoc on the most recent member of the family of the man who had them burned. It's quite funny, especially at the wedding (because the guy, Fredric March, is supposed to be getting married). And the father (Cecil Kellaway) is hysterical because he keeps trying to kill the guy off, even after his daughter has fallen for him (courtesy of a handy little potion).

Lots of fun, mostly romantic, and in Black & White.

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