The Hunt for Red October

Considering this one is so old, it's one I had never seen before I sat down and watched it after I bought it. I only paid a few bucks for it, so no big deal. But the back of the box pretty much gave the entire movie away. Don't get me wrong, it's good movie, but I wouldn't call it great. First off Sean Connery, is completely not believable as a Russian. I love him as an actor, and he makes a great Bond, etc. etc. etc., but He is not Russian. He's Scottish. He can pull of British or even Irish, but he's definitely not Russian. Since the plot was entirely given away on the box, it was entirely predictable. There was no suspense (or very little anyway). Alec Baldwin was very good as Jack Ryan. I'm trying to figure out if this is the first of the Jack Ryan movies, or where this one plays in the Jack Ryan timeline. I know technically, the one with Ben Affleck is first chronologically, but I think this was the first one actually made.

I tried to suspend disbelief, but it was just so hard with this one. I'm usually so good at it too...

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Paul A Rose, Jr. said...

The Hunt for Red October was the first Jack Ryan book written and the first film to be made and the first chronologically according to the author.

The Sum of All Fears actually takes place later in the novels timeline, but Tom Clancy approved altering the story to allow Ben Affleck to relaunch the series, since he always felt that Harrison Ford was too old to be Jack Ryan.