I am just not getting better. My abs hurt from all the coughing. I have taken more than half of the Antibiotics, and they don't seem to be kicking in. I don't know what's going on, and I'm going to the doctor again tomorrow. I love this. I am still going to work, I'm just doing only register, so I can cough directly onto people instead of only on their drinks.

To make matters just that much more exciting, I've got cramps. So I've got one of those ThermaCare wraps across my stomach. Those things are the best invention ever. Ever.

I think I'm actually officially moving to Portland. I'm actually going to go through with it. I was putzing around and talking to my mom about it, and she e-mailed me an apartment listing. Apparently she just thought it was well written, but I actually read it and the guys who need a roommate, have a room available in May (perfect timing), and require someone neater. It's great because my lease here is up in April, but Jess's new roommate doesn't get here until May from Arizona. Plus, if they're already in it, they should have furniture, etc. All I'll need is a mattress. I can store my stuff here in a storage unit or something, and then when I get my own place up there, I'll come down and uHaul it up there. If I do an 'in-town move' I can rent a trailer for $10 a day and maybe make 2 trips. It'd be a huge pain, but then I wouldn't have to sell any of my stuff, or worry about what price I'd get for it.

Question of the Day: If you're female: What do you do if you get cramps? If you're male: What do you do if your girlfriend gets cramps?


BlueCoder said...

Be nice, don't argue, and try to distract her.

Anonymous said...

Three words..... "Run....and.....hide"

In all seriousness though...well...maybe not full seriousness....hmm....in quasi-partial seriousness... my former girlfriend's cramps were responsible for several 2am trips to the supermarket...to buy pudding to crush her horse-strength cramp killer pills into. Did I mind?...no....but the crying fits over wasted post-it notes were a bit much....