Tonight is the store's Christmas Party. Yes you read that right, Christmas Party. It's the day before Valentine's Day, and we're just now getting to it. I was going to go, but I just decided not to because I took my shower and decided I really didn't feel like getting dressed again. Plus, the place they chose all the way down in Torrance, and it's rush hour. So, to me, it just doesn't make any sense to go down there. They really should have chosen a place around here, so people could get there easier. I mean, it's half an hour away in good traffic. How long would it take right now, especially since it just rained a little?

To make today even more fun, I tried to slice off the tip of my thumb with a table knife. And I don't mean a sharp one. I mean an every day, slightly serrated, but mostly dull, table knife. Like you use for butter. I was trying to cut butter because I was actually making myself some real food for a change, but it was frozen and the knife slipped and gouged into my thumb. I think I hit an artery because I bled like a stuck pig. This happened at 10 am-ish, and I think it might actually still be bleeding. I need to change the bandage again.

I'm really officially loving the new glasses. I know, I know, I'm raving about them. And yes they look great on me, but beyond that, they've got transitions lenses, so I can still see outside. They're plastic, rather than wire, so if I sit on them, they won't go all out of shape. And the shape itself doesn't dig into the side of my head. It's not so loose it falls off, and it's not so tight it gives me a headache. I could see it aggravating a headache if I got one, but it won't actually cause one. Plus they stay put. I'm not shoving them up my nose all the time. And they're purple. That's always nice too...

Question of the Day: What's the worst damage that you've ever caused yourself?

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