The Queen

I have no doubts about this movie being an Oscar Contender. It was really really well done. Helen Mirren is amazing in it. She gets lost inside the character, you're not comparing her to the real queen, you aren't thinking about what she's done previously. She simply becomes the real queen. She is regal, and staid, and strong, and everything that she should be, but she still has emotions, because she is still a woman with a family. As for the movie itself, I love the way they inter-spliced archival footage of Diana, and the funeral and newscasts during that week with the actors. It was truly well done. It doesn't really show Prince Charles in the best light, but the movie is about the Queen and Tony Blair and the way that everything was done during the week between Diana's death and her funeral. It's a truly wonderfully well done film, and Helen Mirren is amazing. She deserves all the awards and acclaim she's been getting recently.

A look at a complex woman few can get close to.

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