Phones & TVs

If you're into digital stuff at all, you've heard about Apple's new iPhone. It's amazing. It's an iPod and a phone and an internet thingie all in one. Cingular will be carrying the phone come August or April or sometime later in the year, when the FCC gives their stamp of approval. But what people aren't talking about, and I just stumbled onto while browsing Apple's site is AppleTV. It's really cool. It's like hard drive that wirelessly syncs to your computer so all your iTunes stuff can play through your TV & entertainment system. In other words: No more huddling around the TV. It's a really cool idea. It holds 40 GB, which in terms of downloading movies (legally from the iTunes store now), is a lot if you only watch a movie once, but not, if you save them to watch again & again (about 50 hours).

Question of the Day: What's your favorite techy thing?

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