Oscar the not-so-Grouchy

Today is a pretty exciting day. Oscar noms are out. Most of them are no big surprise to me after all the hype surrounding most of them. The category that kinda puzzles me though is the Best Supporting Actress category. Only one of the actresses is well known. I mean, I suppose that's why they were in supporting roles, but I still find it unusual that there is only one big name in that mix. Don't get me wrong I love that Hollywood is discovering new talent, that is actually talented for a change. But there are so many names out there that are well known, I'm surprised that these were chosen. One thing is for sure, these women won't have to worry about looking for work for a few years. Also, I heard fabulous thing about Penelope Cruz in Volver. But it's a Spanish-language film. I didn't expect her to get a nomination for it. It's not in English, so I honestly didn't expect enough people to have seen it to nominate her. I guess my opinions of people are lower than I thought they were.

All in all I guess there were no major surprises. My roommate said it's not going to be a very exciting night. We'll watch it anyway. She will probably end up at her sister's place because she has an amazing TV, and I might just go next door. Who knows?

So I found this website, and I swear, it's got to have some kind of subliminal message or something because it's such bright colors, and it doesn't actually do anything, but you sit there and stare at it, and the page just kind of mesmerizes you. I don't know how else to describe it...

So today is my one year anniversary of moving to LA! YAY! And I'm actually seriously contemplating moving. I want to stay and give my business a chance, but with that argument: It's an online business that I can do from anywhere. That argument is a little irrelevant. My dear friend Michelle, who lives in Alaska with her husband and now 2 sons (including my godson), is trying to convince me to move up there. A lot of her argument, besides being near her and the boys, is that Alaska is teeming with single men who will throw themselves at my feet. Or so she says. I'm a little more skeptical about all this, but I'm willing to do a little window shopping before I dismiss out-of-hand. So I'm going up there for the Christening of their second son, even though for family political reasons, I am not his godmother. I am going the check out the place, see if I could actually live there, and then... Who knows? I'm not saying no. I'm not agreeing, but I'm not saying no either.

Question of the Day: Do you think I'm crazy?

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Max said...

The best actress category is classically the "ingenue" category given to up-and-coming actresses the Academy wants to see do better work and rise to best actress class. If you look at the nominees over the years the winners were moved from cutie unknown status to leading lady.

For whatever that's worth in Hollywood.

See you in AK!