The Minus Man

I have to admit I did not pick this one out. My roommate picked it out because she wanted to see Owen Wilson play a serial killer. I can't say I blame her, because it turned out to be a rather interesting movie. In a lot of ways it seemed similar to Ghost World. They're both very odd movies, about odd people and their relationship with the outside world. They've got pretty cool, not quite A-list casts. They're both completely character driven. They're both fairly quiet, completely effects free, and good movies. This movie though is all about how Owen Wilson's character, Vann, kills people, but interacts with people and how he has rules and the relationships he forms and then leaves behind. It's very odd. At the end of the movie, I was very much in a mind that it was one of the oddest movies I'd ever seen.

It is very good, but very, very odd.

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