Lots of Excitement

There has been lots of excitement today. Well, really only a little, but it was so exciting, it's lasted the whole day.

I worked today, of course. I opened the store with Eli & Patty. Patty took my shift, so she went home at 9:15, and I stayed until 12:15. Of Course none of this is out of the ordinary or any big deal. I was working on bar (running the espresso machine) & really doing well. I'm getting very proud of myself, I can make drinks in tandem and get a bunch out all at once. But just before 11am I hear this really loud bang. Everyone on the store jumps a foot, or ducks, myself included. I swear I thought someone had been shot. But I looked in the direction it came from and Gina (the Assistant Manager) was already running over to the window, because she had heard that sound once before. A car ran into the side of our building. The last time it happened, sometime last year, the car made it all the way into the bathroom. This time though, the car only dented the wall a little: the window didn't even break. But apparently one of the things that happened was that where the wall dented out, there was a guy who had been sitting at the window. He's one of our regulars, and he apparently got flung out of his chair when the car hit the wall. I mean that's a lot of force to absorb to keep your seat...

Apparently, the way the whole thing happen was that the girl who hit us was making a left hand turn into our parking lot. Coming the opposite direction, some guy ran the red light and hit her, causing her to hit our building, because we're right on the corner. You can see from my really awful photoshopped rendition of our location of what happened. There were a few other cars involved apparently from either direction, who didn't swerve in time to miss, or didn't see it happen.

After it did happen I had to finish making the drinks that were already paid for, and we couldn't sell anymore drinks. One guy got pissed off and claimed that he had been waiting for 10 minutes for a coffee, and there's no way he had been in there for that long. We had to kick everyone out and someone, I don't even know who called the cops and the ambulance & the firemen showed up. Gina started calling the other managers and our District Manager. It was kinda crazy...

Question of the Day: What was the last really crazy thing that happened to you or around you?

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