iPhone, uPhone, we all phone

Analysts estimate 50% margins for Apple iPhone So I think I'm going to wait a few months before I buy one. Don't get me wrong, I totally want one, but if they come right out and tell us that it costs under $300 for them to make the 8GB one, and they're selling it for more than they sell the Mac Mini, I'm going to wait until they drop the price by a few hundred. I think I buy it when Cingular has bonuses for signing up. Maybe like $200 of something like that. I have AllTel right now, so I'll stay with them, but I won't sign a new contract. Then when the iPhone goes all cool, and on sale, then I'll get one. That sounds like a plan.

So much has been going on lately. I think I'm mostly over the guy I had a crush on at work. He's still a very cool guy, but I'm just not into him, if you know what I mean. There's another guy at work that I've become fairly good friends with. He's bi, and I'm a quasi-fag-hag now. It's kinda funny because we decided to watch the sexy scenes in Boondock Saints (it's a deleted scene) and Blade 3 (the scene where Ryan Reynolds gets 'tortured'). Then we watched Idiocracy, which is a great film. (I'm going to go review it in a minute in the other blog.)

So a couple missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ & Latter-Day Saints just showed up. I always feel kinda bad for them, so rather than tell them I've removed myself from all things religious, I told them I'm a Catholic. Which is still technically true. Mostly. Then when they asked if I knew anyone who need to receive the love of Jesus into their hearts, I told them I didn't know any of my neighbors. I told them I was waaaay too busy with work and trying to start my own business, and showed then some of my jewelry. Since it was 2 chicks, they thought it was the coolest thing ever, and then they left. I was amused. I got to thinking after they left that I was sad my roommate wasn't home--she's Jewish, and I don't know how that would've played out. Either they would've tried to 'save' her, or she would've have told them she was too lazy or something crazy like that. It could have been highly amusing all things considered.

Question of the Day: What would you do if a couple of semi-cute missionaries showed up at your door?


Max said...

I scream at all missionaries, cute or not, "NO ONE HERE BUYS GOD FROM DOOR TO DOOR SALESMEN. GO AWAY AND DON'T COME BACK."

It seems to work.

It helps if you're naked, holding a dead chicken.

Jimmy Led said...

Since they knock on the door for fifteen straight friggin' minutes when they do...I would take a moment...and answer the door in a silk smoking jacket and "smoking" a plastic pipe that makes bubbles..... And even though it's 8am..... I would invite them in "for a brandy". lol