This is an incredibly funny movie that completely satirizes the people that will find it the funniest. The whole movie is about this really perfectly average guy from today (100 IQ, average blood pressure, etc.), who gets drafted into this military project where he's supposed to get frozen for a year. Instead, the project gets forgotten about, and he and a hooker, who is also completely average, wind up getting frozen for 500 years. Now because smart people today either don't have kids, or only have one or two kids, and stupid people today have lots because they spend all their time having sex without condoms or forgetting their birth control or whatever, in 500 years, everyone is incredibly stupid. So when this guy shows up, he's now the smartest person on the planet. There are really funny bits about how corporations have evolved (Welcome to Costco, I love you.) and what they have turned into (Starbucks is now a brothel - gives a whole new meaning to an "Extra Foamy Latte"). But the whole movie is full of fantastic quotes, and really funny bits. I understand that a lot of it got edited out by the studio. This movie rips on a lot of big time corporations, so there's no wonder it didn't get much marketing budget.

Great films, with plots! Where you cared about whose ass it was, and why it was farting!

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