I Can Google Myself!

So I Googled the website this evening. It seemed like a good idea. And while I don't show up if you'e searching for Jewelry, I'm the first result if you Google Random Oasis. I think that is very cool, because it wasn't always true. I was getting all sorts of weird other sites. You always got me if you Googled RandomOasis (no space). But those are a lot of other sites that I'm on, and the website RandomOasis.com doesn't even show up until halfway down the page. I find it odd how Google works. I mean, if you are the internet's best resource for something, but have no one linked to you, Google either can't find you, or doesn't care if you exist. It will put you nearer the bottom of their listings because no one has linked to your site. So I have had to resort to myspace spam to try to get people to post my links (which makes me feel dirty), and I'm actually thinking about advertising. Google AdWords are about bidding or something, and you only have to pay if someone actually click on your ad, not if someone just sees it. So I don't know. It's a hard thing yet.

I feel like a schlub right now. I haven't left the house all day. I got a shipment of beads that I ordered last week, and I was going to start working on those, but got distracted. I posted 5 more reviews in the Movie Review blog. I watched 2 movies. I wanted to watch a different one, but I think the DVD player is on the fritz. I actually ate today so I'm rather proud of myself (I have a tendency to forget to eat when I'm really busy). But I didn't get over to Costco to get gas. I didn't do laundry like I wanted to. I didn't get to Stabucks to pick up my tips. I can put all that off until tomorrow, but I'm running out of toothpaste!

Question of the Day: When was the last day that you sat around the house, truly doing nothing?

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