Holy Sh*t it's 2007!!

I'm officially in shock. It's 2007 and I've been in LA for almost 1 year.

So for New Year's Eve, I went out and partied like there was no tomorrow. I got completely trashed, and spent about 45 minutes throwing up. It was great. Maybe, not really. I wound up going out with Kyle, one of the guys next door, and we went to a wine bar that was really local. We were planning on going to this other bar, but we walked past Bottle Rock, and decided to get a glass of wine on the way, and it was a $60 cover to get in, with an open bar. I thought that was perfect for New Years, and Kyle didn't argue, so we stayed there. We were kinda bored for the first few minutes until we randomly walked up to a group of people and started chatting and generally having fun. It's strange because I actually remember the names of the people we met that night. We met Irma, Laura, Chelsea, & Dan initially, then on a girls' field trip to the bathroom, I met Jean, who is friends with the owner & his wife. Through her I met Shanna, the owner's wife, and while talking to them I met Gary who was there with Vered, who was incredibly cool (she makes jewelry too). Then there was Manny, who worked there, I think he was a chef-type person. (At least I think I'm remembering his name right.)

The next day I was rather hung over, and I think a lot of my puking the night before had to do with the fact that I drank a sparkling water on the way home rather than just a plain water. But it was free and better sparkling than none right?

In other news, I no longer work at Costco. I am officially only at Starbucks and trying to do the self-employed thing. I'm very proud of myself because I have a tiny bit of money saved up to do this with, so I think I might actually be successful if I can survive long enough to actually build my business.

Bill & Michelle are wanting me to move to Alaska again. This time I'm seriously contemplating it. I think before it wasn't the right time to even ask. Now, I'm at a point where I want to be on the move. I want to go places & see things. I don't necessarily want to stay in one place. I may not want to go to Alaska, but what originally brought me to LA is no longer a valid point.

In Business news, I officially opened the website for business. It is still missing pictures, but people can buy stuff now and it is fully functional. I think...

Question of the Day: What is your favorite kind of sweater?

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