I am getting frustrated with several things in my life right now, from very mundane, to less mundane, to slightly more important.

I am starting to get fully frustrated by the companies who make face soap, face wash, whatever you want to call it. When I was younger I used Bioré. It was in the blue & white bottle then, and it worked for me for the most part. Then they changed the formulation! Now the liquid itself is green and smells like watermelon candy! It also makes my nose itch doesn't get my face clean. Then my mom decided to buy me some of the expensive face stuff. She got me one of those 4 step things, and for the longest time I never used it because I was just too lazy to use something with 4 steps. (I mean, really!) But I started using it at the beginning of last year because I was trying to save money and I had it and I still wasn't using all 4 steps, but it really worked on my face. It was a set by Lancome, and when I ran out of the facial cleanser (notice the frilly name for the frillier brand?), I went to the department store to try and buy more. Of course, they've changed their formulation, too! I have this thing where I can't use face wash that doesn't foam. It's why I won't use Cetaphil. My mom loves it, my roommate uses it, but it doesn't foam, so I won't use it. But when Lancome changed the stuff that I was using, it no longer foamed. It was a cleansing 'lotion' or some crap like that! So, I had to hunt for another new face wash. Recently I've been using Aveeno. And right now, I am all Aveeno. I use Aveeno Body Wash, Body Lotion, Face Wash, and Moisturizer. It's kinda crazy because I've never been this brand fanatic, but they're the only ones I've found that aren't over-doing the fragrances. And the face wash works, except for that week before my period. So, I may be settling, but it's a good settling.

Another thing frustrating me is work. Don't get me wrong, I really like working at Starbucks. And I like (most of) the people I work with. But there's a bit of a storm brewing over there. Right now we have 3 managers. I found out yesterday that one of them is leaving because technically she isn't needed. But the problem is, because our store manager is so new, he's still learning the computer system, and how to make some of the drinks. I like Alex, I do. He and I sat down the other day and talked about the fact that I want to get promoted. Basically he said that because Noreen is being promoted right now, they don't have room for me, and may not be able to do it for several months. Unless I transfer stores. This is fine with me. From my point of view, I don't mind. As long as I don't have to drive too far, I don't really care. The problem is, I talked to Derek last night a little bit, and Noreen is a full time student and only has a 3 day a week availability. Derek himself is the only shift leader with open availability. So, if they really need people to be able to cover shifts, then they're going to need more than one more person. (Especially considering I have open availability now.) Not only that, but People keep saying things to the effect that we're going to buy out the store right next to us so we have a larger store (right now the place is beyond tiny), and in order to remodel, they'd have to transfer us all to other stores. In terms of some of the things that happen over there, it might be a good thing, but that store does some kind of insane amount of business. We've been hovering around $5k days, and considering we do it between $1.55 for a small coffee to $4.20 for a large caramel frappuccino, that's one heck of a lot of business.

The last thing that's frustrating me is some of my friendships. Not the long distance ones, so don't freak out, although that is hard enough as it is. I have friends here and I feel like I'm on the outside a lot of times. Take last night for example. I went and hung out with Jess and Scott & Kyle. The first time I went over there, Scott and Jessica were watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ok, I was at work all day, and I'd like to hang out with friends. I hate horror movies. Anything based around blood and gore, I just don't do. I went in, asked what they were watching and left. I'm sorry if I'm a wimp, but I get nightmares for a week if I watch that kind of stuff. I came back here and did some more bead shopping (I need seed beads to go with all the pearls I bought), and they turned up about 1/2 an hour later. Ok, cool, let's hang out. Oh, wait, you want to go to Best Buy? And Panda Express (which I can't stand, and incidentally Scott can't even eat at because he's allergic to MSG)? Then over to Hollywood Video? And Albertson's? Really? This is hanging out? I'd rather just sit around and talk. Scott got to go to Sundance! Let him talk about it, and all the cool people he saw. And how he saw Abigail Breslin hanging out with Dakota Fanning. But grocery shopping? Really? Then as soon as we got back to the apartment, we all pile into Scott and Kyle's apartment, as usual, and as soon as they finish putting the groceries away, Oh, we didn't finish watching that gory movie that you don't have any desire to see. Let's hit play, and see how fast she can leave! So, I didn't actually get to hang out with my friends. And it was unbelievably frustrating.

Not only that, Jess & I went to hang out on Friday, and she tells me that she and the guys are "rooting for me." In terms of finding a significant other, I'm the one who has been alone the longest. They guys have both had girlfriends before they moved here, and Jess had a boyfriend when she moved, even if it didn't last very long after she got here. But now I'm under pressure to "Find Someone." I told her I was holding out for Jake Gyllenhaal. She said that didn't seem likely, but I said you never know, we could run into each other at a random Starbucks...

Question of the Day: What are your frustrations?


Max said...

I met and spoke with Jake Gyllenhaal at New Stone Age on 3rd. If you'd like to meet him, start eating lunch at Joan's on Third, near the Beverly Center (it's where we ate the first time we met in person).

Carry some dog treats just to be safe. (Not for his dog, I think Kristen got it in the split up. Jake just likes treats.)

Oh, yes. And I was traumatized by "Cat People" at an early age and have hated horror movies ever since. Fight back with a Rainbow Bright talking doll!

Debbie said...


You are completely the coolest ever...

We should do lunch again soon. I'd say I could cook dinner like you did for me oh, so many ages ago, but I don't actually have a dinner table. We could make it picnic style and eat outside though. That'd be fun...