Fabulous Day!

Today has been incredible. Not in the way of, Oh, my God I won the Lottery! But more in the way of Everything is going my way today.

First, I started work at 7, and I was only supposed to work for 4 hours, but Patricia wasn't feeling well, so I finished her shift & managed to get a full 8 hour day. I loved it. Plus I had so much sugar (almond latte, doppio con panna with caramel, passion tea with raspberry syrup) that I was bouncing off the walls for most of my shift. It was all decaf of course, but that's still a hell of a lot of sugar. Plus the guy I like was working today, so I was happy because if I hadn't stayed late, I wouldn't have seen him.

Once I got home, I had to run out to a hardware store to get the nails I needed to start a project I got the rest of the stuff for last night. I went to Home Depot last night and got a bunch of stuff to make a shelf/desk thing for under my window so I don't have to work at the coffee table anymore. I want private space, dammit! So I started the project, but I can't finish it today. I need to be able to sand it, etc. And that has to happen during daylight hours, outside. And it gets dark so early, that I couldn't get it done today.

So I did sit down to work on pictures for the website. I got pieces of tile & granite/ silestone samples from Home Depot, so I don't necessarily need a model. I'll still need someone for certain pieces and for clothing when I get there. But I have pictures on the website now!!! Yay!!

So everything on the site functions. I have pictures, PayPal dealing with the shopping cart thing, and all my links work. It's soooo cool!!

Question of the Day: What is your opinion of my site?

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