I honestly don't think I'm totally sick and twisted for really loving this movie. Saying that though, I have to qualify it with the characters are amazing. The way this script is written and acted is incredible. The development of these 2 characters from seemingly quasi-normal people into developing this kind of relationship (spankings & domination, etc.) is incredibly fascinating. Maggie Gyllenhaal is amazing. I'm surprised she hasn't had a more mainstream career, but seeing the kind of work she does, she probably simply chooses not to. She can pick whichever indie project she wants that has a great script and run with it. James Spader is really good. I've liked him in everything I've seen him in, unfortunately that hasn't been much (I don't watch TV- Boston Legal). I can't go on enough about the way the story plays out and the character development in this movie.

It's a disciplined love story.

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