Pride & Prejudice

I love this movie. It is such a chick flick, but it's so well made, and the things they cut out of the book are well chosen. I would say. In the book, Bingley has 2 sisters, in this version of the movie, he has only one. They remove a lot of the interaction between Elizabeth and Wickham, which is only minorly disappointing. They rearrange a few things the speed up the flow of time, but beyond that, there really isn't much difference. I really love it. Keira Knightly was madeto play this role. She is so perfect, although, she is almost too pretty. The girl who plays Jane is supposed to be the great beauty of the town, and Keira almost outshines her, except for the blond hair. And Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Darcy, is fantastic. He's really rather sexy in the old garb of that time period, and he's very hard, but becomes soft, and you totally fall in love with him.

Hey, I said it was a chick flick!

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