There is something really cool about names. I'm not sure why. I was working at the Bux today, and there was a girl named Selkie. We take people's names and write them on the cups so people are less likely to grab the wrong drink and be idiots (still happens though). But this girl was Selkie, and I told her that her name made me happy. For anyone who doesn't know what a selkie is, or anything about the legend of the Selkies, it's an Irish myth about people who can turn from seals into humans. Wikipedia has a pretty good summary on them.

But it's got me wondering about names recently. I bought a huge book about the meaning of names and mine says I'm very perky and lucky and I seem very naive, though I'm really not. And I'm very successful in life. I don't feel like going into the other room to grab the book to type parts of it up and the cite it, especially when I have to be at work in 5 hours, and I haven't slept yet.

My name, Debbie or Deborah is Hebrew, from the book of Judges. She got some guy to come lead the people into battle, then wrote a victory song which is in the Bible. Kinda cool, huh? My only problem is that it's kind of an old name. There aren't many women my age with the same name, which I suppose is a good thing, but every Debbie I meet, or Deborah, is in her 40s or older. It's kind of lame... When I was a kid I wanted to be named something more common, like Emily or Tiffany. There were a lot of doubles in my class and I wanted a double. I also wanted braces, but that's a different story...

Question of the Day: What is you name, and what does it mean?

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Edgewalker said...

My name is Paul, which means "humble" or "small", neither of which I am. I try to be humble, but I usually find a way to make myself and my actions known (much to my own displeasure). As for the small part. I'm 6ft 180lbs and since it is entirely inappropriate, I'll not be trying to prove to anyone else that the "small" reference is regarding anything else. Suffice to say, my name doesn't really describe me well.