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OK. So, I've once again been back to the grindstone. Working 2 jobs is driving me nuts. Luckily we finally got our new manager at Starbucks and he's really cool. His name is Alex, and he told me he'd give me full time. So now I have to either quit, or cut Costco down to one day a week. I haven't quite gotten the guts up to do this, but I will. It's just been so crazy there over the past few days.

Tomorrow is New Years' Eve. I do have to work tomorrow, but only until 7pm, but being that we close at 5, like we did on Christmas Eve, I'll probably be able to get out of there by 6, which will be very cool. Kyle, one of the guys who live next door is home too. I thought they'd both be gone until after they New Year, and so now I have someone to spend the evening with. I'm not sure what we're doing, but we are going out-ish. We probably won't leave Culver City, (I really don't want to drive), but this way, I don't have to spend the evening alone.

I finally got the bank account for The Random Oasis. So in about a week I should be getting the debit card, and in another week after that, I should get checks. I finally have everything done to actually start this business. I even found a fabulous supplier for beads and findings and such. I just need to find time to actually make everything.

Christmas was good. I flew up to San Francisco, as planned. I was completely exhausted. After working the whole day, and then of course running like crazy to try to get to the airport on time, and catching the bus to work int he first place. And then once I get to Kim's house, I sleep on the couch because there's 8 people there at this point, in a house with 4 bedrooms. Kim and his wife, Yolanda, gave up their bedroom to my parents, which was really, really nice of them (my dad does not have the best health). Yolanda's sister, Nora, bunked with Yolanda's son, Stephen (Kim's new step-son), who I think is about 13 (?). Then Kim & Yolanda have a guy who rents out a room in their basement. So it was either sleep with him, or pick one of the couches. And while he was really cute, I didn't really want to do that. Not really my style.

Christmas Day itself was lots of fun. It started off with me waking up obscenely early, at 7am, because I'm still a little kid at heart, and because the couch I was on was narrower than my hips are. So I grabbed my computer and went out on their deck to watch the sunrise. I was going to blog, but my fingers got seriously cold after about 5 minutes, so I decided against it. I went back downstairs, and figured out the hard way that socks and hardwood don't mix (I now have bruises on my low back, but I don't think they ever, or are going to, change color). After plugging my computer in so I could use it later, I went back upstairs to rummage for some food, and my mom poked her head out, and we sat at the breakfast table and chatted for a while until Stephen and other slowly emerged. We then did the present thing, and I was in awe at how many gifts that Stephen got. They spoil that kid a lot. He got about 20 different gifts. I thought the coolest was the Game of Life, but I think he liked this helicopter thing better. But that's because I only wanted to play 2 games with him. I didn't want to go again, I did go up there to see my parents. I got money (my favorite gift), and a couple of cool doodads. My dad got me a digital pocket voice recorder, which I have to get batteries for, and mom grabbed a USB memory card adapter for my camera. I can't find the cable that goes to my camera, and since I need pictures for the website, she went to try and buy me a replacement,but not knowing what kind of camera it is even that was kinda hard. But the chick at Radio Shack or where ever suggested thing thingie, and it's really cool. I just hope I don't lose this, too!

After gifts, we did the church thing. I went because I figured it would be a good gift for my dad, but I don't think I'll go again. Church does not do anything for me. I feel almost cold and empty in those places, and I'm not even going to start talking about why. Maybe in another future blog. Not here. At any rate, they thought that mass started at 11, when it really started at 11:30, so we were almost 45 minutes early for mass, rather than just being 10 or 15 minutes early. After mass, we did breakfast for lunch, and then did our separate things for a few hours, and then did dinner. There was a ham and I made the sweet potato pudding thing that I love, and the marshmallows on top kind of exploded a little, but they were very yummy. And we had peas. And then we ate so much that we saved the pie for a few hours later after driving over to see some lights on a nearby street. The way people go all out with lights and decorations and everything kinda sickens me. It's ostentatious, and there's very little point in it. It all started way back when each one of the decorations was a symbol for Christ in some way. The holly, the boughs of wintergreen. The bows. The Stars, all that meant something to do with the religious aspects of the season. Now, it's decorating for the sake of decorating, and to hell with the cost of energy. "Let's put up ten thousand lights, and see if we can shut down the power grid." "Let's get a U-haul and bring in a truckload of snow for the kids to play in. Every day!"

Don't mind me. I think Being in California has made me crunchy-granola-y. And I like it!

Question of the Day: How was your Christmas?

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