I'm So Excited! And I just can't Hide It!!

And I know, I know, I know you want to, start singing with me. Oh, yeah!

Or, maybe not...

But anyway, I am really excited. I now officially have my business license. I have the domain name registered, and several e-mail address all set up to reflect into one Gmail account. I am working on building the website, although it's mostly done. Now that I have my seller's permit, I can start buying beads and clothes and stuff to start accumulating inventory. I am still waiting on the FBN, the Fictional Business Name thing to come back to me, so I still don't have the bank account, but I will soon. I've only spent a little more than $300 so far, unless you include the money I spent on beads way back when, before I decided to keep track of what I was spending on beads. There was one charge for $70-something that I can add to that, so including the business license, I've spent almost $400. I still have to buy all my dyes and brushes. I can buy them online directly from Rit, but they have a 4-6 week processing time, and I need this stuff now! So obviously that doesn't work. In the long run, depending on what I need and where I can find the different colors, buying direct might not be a bad idea, even with the processing time. But now, I have to turn on some music, and work on some beading because I finally got the stuff I left in Argentina back. It's inventory time!

Question of the Day: Will you buy from me? (You know you want to!)


BlueCoder said...

I'm impressed. You wanted to do something and just did it. A lot of work. You made it happen.

BlueCoder said...
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