If it's not one thing....

I think I am officially suffering from exhaustion. I went home early from Costco on Saturday because I wasn't feeling good, and that doesn't even begin to describe how bad I was. I felt like I was about to pass out. I went home only 2 hours before the end of my scheduled shift, and I slept for 14 hours that night. I was a little crazed. I called in Sick on Sunday. I wasn't going to originally but I went to have a bowl of cereal and had to open a new box, and could barely open it. And since I have to lift heavy things all day, I figured it was a bad idea to push my body that much further. So I sat home and did absolutely nothing. I really should have done laundry yesterday though, because then I could have finished it yesterday when I realized that I really didn't have enough quarters, instead of running over to the laundromat today, which is what I have to go do now, rather than sitting here typing. Plus, someone is using the other washer & dryer, so I only have one machine at my disposal. Which of course means that doing my laundry is going to take me 4 times as long today as it normally does because I only have one machine and I have twice as much laundry (going almost 3 weeks will do that).

I think I've made the official decision that I am going to cut back my hours at Costco even further after the New Year. I'm either going to just work weekends, or I'll quit there entirely. It's a good paycheck, especially at time-and-a-half on Sundays (one of the reasons I really hated calling in sick yesterday). That will give me loads of time to work on jewelry, etc for the Biz during the week around Starbucks, and then on the weekends, I can work at Costco.

I'm glad I have a ride to the airport for Christmas. I really didn't want to take the bus. My parents and I are meeting in San Francisco at Kim's house. Kim is my dad's little Brother through Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. They've been together since Kim was like 10 or 11, and he's something like 46 or 47 now. My dad taught him bad eating habits and bad jokes. But Kim is married now and lives up there with his wife and step-son who are both from Costa Rica. And since they came to our house in Florida last Christmas (as I'm typing this, it's occurring to me that I may have talked about some of this last year), and their house is closer for me now that I live in LA, we're all going to SFO this year.

Time to change Laundry Loads!

Question of the Day: What are your Christmas Plans?

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