The I Inside

This is a very odd movie. It's somewhat hard to keep track of as he goes back and forth in time between what is supposedly the present, and two years prior. There are a lot of things going on in this, all slightly to the sides of one character. His wife has issues, then there's his girlfriend/lover person (I'm not sure how to describe her, as to tell you her real relationship, would give away part of the movie), there's his own delusions as he slowly figures out what is going on. How he can supposedly fix everything, and at the end, how he figured out that there is no fixing it. The end is really great. Because it kind of twists reality enough and makes you look at morality in a new way, when you have to make a choice. It's really an intelligent movie. I think it's based on a play, but I don't see how some of those things could be done on a stage. I know it was probably heavily adapted, but still, there's a lot going on, not in major effects, but more in the way it's cut and edited together.

A really intelligent semi-sci-fi movie, with a hint of morality.

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