Die Hard: With a Vengance

Of the 3 Die Hard movies (so far), I think this one is my favorite. I've seen it the most, because it's been on TV the most, but it's also the fastest paced of the 3. Plus, McLane has a sidekick of sorts in Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson) who just kicks so much butt. It's freakin' cool. Plus, Zeas matches McLane quip for quip, they're a great pair in terms of on-screen pairings. Bruce Willis tears it up in this one, you think all is lost and then he just pulls it through. I love Jeremy Irons, too. He doesn't do any mainstream work, and when he does, he somehow gets roped into really awful movies (did anyone see Dungeons & Dragons?), but in this he was perfect. He was cruel, and conniving, and very megalomaniacal.

It's fast-paced and vengeful, and all about the explosions.

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