Die Hard 2: Die Harder

I really like this movie. I never got a couple of the references until I saw the first Die Hard, because this one refers back in a lot of instances. In this one, John McLane took the kids to his in-laws place in DC and has come back to the airport to pick his wife up from the airport. While he is there, of course on Christmas, terrorists shut down the air-traffic controls in order to land a plane carrying some imprisoned politico. So basically McLane is crawling around the DC airport getting himself into all kinds of trouble, getting into fights with the head of the airport police. Taking finger prints of dead guys and arguing slightly with a coroner (who I swear is Peter Stormare, the Russian Astronaut in Armageddon). It's a good film. Not as good as the first one, or the third one for that matter, but very good all the same. I love the parts with the wife and the reporter on the airplane. Those were references that didn't make sense until I saw the first one.

Planes crash, people get shot, and John McLane saves the day. Again.

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