Chicken Soup

but not for the soul....

I am sick still/ again. And it really sucks. I mean, I know I haven't been taking the best care of myself, but seriously folks. This is getting ridiculous. I am officially taking 5 different medications, all over-the-counter. I am taking a generic Robitussin DM. I'm doing the Airborne thing, along with the Zicam mouth spray stuff, and asprin during the day and Tylenol PM at night. Then I've also actually started taking my chewable horse-sized vitamin pills because I figure it can't hurt. And I'm chugging OJ and chicken soup. I'm making that the lazy way though. I had a yummy version of curried chicken noodle soup. I put the recipe below. I've called in sick at Costco 3 shifts in a row now, and I had someone replace me at Starbucks this morning. I was really glad I managed to get someone else in for that because there was no way I could have worked at 4am today.

That recipe that I mentioned is super-easy. I took a box of curry rice noodle stir fry stuff, I think the brand is Thai Kitchen or something like that, and I pretty much ignored the directions. I started with half a box of chicken stock and brought that to a boil, then added some frozen pre-cooked chicken breast slices. When the broth came back to a boil, I threw in the noodles from the box and let those cook a little bit. On the box it says they're supposed to cook for three minutes, then you stir-fry them with your other stuff, but since I wasn't stir-frying anything, I cooked them a bit longer. I think you have to taste with rice noodles. They don't soften as quickly as other noodles, but they can look like they have. At any rate, I added the sauce packet from the box a little before the noodles were cooked, and noticed that the chicken broth was boiling off a bit more than I wanted, so i added some water. That was probably a good idea anyway because the chicken broth had a lot of flavor, and then you're adding more with the packet of sauce. Once I figured the noodles to be cooked, I threw in some frozen peas as a way of getting some green and let it simmer for about 30 seconds more, and then dumped the whole thing into a big bowl and attempted to eat it all. I didn't succeed, because that's really a lot of food, but it was worth the effort. I did watch Pride & Prejudice while eating though, and I do love that movie.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite 'sick' meal?

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