3 lb. box of Cheez-Its

I would like to thank whoever invented Cheez-its. They are a wonderful wonderful thing. I will probably be cursing them profoundly after eating the entirety of the 3 lb. box I bought at Costco the other night, but for now, Cheez-Its are a beautiful thing.

I think I'm somehow even more worn out than before. I'm getting into a rhythm, and I even had a full day off on Tuesday, but I'm so exhausted that I'm just not fully functional. I'm making more mistakes and getting klutzier. I knocked over a cup of coffee today. Over the weekend, I spilled coffee all over my hand, and a latte all over the floor. At Costco it's not as obvious because you don't need a mop to clean up my mistakes, but I'm still not as fast and dropping things. I think I need to lay off the caffeine again. If I drink coffee, it needs to be decaf. I had started on the half-caf and the occasional espresso and I'm able to sleep on it during the day after a shift at Starbucks, which mean I'm really not getting enough sleep. I work at Costco tonight 6-12 which means I'll probably be off by 11 (they never give us lunches on these short closing shifts). And I work at 7:45 tomorrow morning, until noon. I have to catch up on sleep at some point. And I have to stop drinking caffeine. ACK!!!

Question of the Day: What are you getting me for Christmas?

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Anonymous said...

Cheez-its are my secret mistress. I cannot put a box down once I open it. As soon as you stop eating them and put the box down...you find yourself looking at the box...wanting more Cheez-its. The FDA's list of addictive substances has the following Top 3:

1) Cigarettes
2) Heroin
3) Cheez-its

Cheez-its are often considered a "gateway snack"....First it's those little 99 cent bags of Cheez-its... Before you know it you're eating 3 lb. boxes.....and entire tubes of cookie dough....washing it down with enough soy milk to choke a donkey! From there it's a downward spiral.... Selling your clothes on ebay to save enough money for the highly desired 39.5 lbs box of Cheez-its... Finally! a purchase that'll let you use the elusive Costco forklift! And once you eat your way to the bottom of that box you will have no choice but to live in it...because in you frenzy to quell your Cheez-it cravings you'll have forgotten to bring a ladder to climb back out from the bottom of the box....

...So sad....so sad..... :P