sooo, tired.....

I think I officially just worked like 17 hours or something completely crazy like that. I got to Starbucks at 4:30, but Gina was late, so I didn't actually start until 5, then I left at about 11:05, went straight to Costco, and started there at 11:30 and worked until 7:35pm. I got three 1/2 hour breaks all day: one at about 8:30 am, one in between the two jobs, and one at about 3:15 pm at Costco. I had a 15 minute break late in the day at 5 something and I actually fell asleep in the break room for part of it, I was so tired. I was pretty much dead on my feet. I have to get to bed here now, but luckily, I don't have to work as long tomorrow, and I have a break between my two schedules. (The worst part was I had only slept maybe 4 hours the night before...)

Question of the Day: Have you ever worked a crazy day like that?

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