Run Lola Run

Wow. This movie is some kind of insanely fast paced. It's a German flick based around this girl and her boyfriend. The girl gets her Vespa stolen so she's not there to pick up her boyfriend after a money pickup for some mob boss and he loses the cash on a subway to a homeless guy. So, since he was supposed to deliver the money-100k Marks- by noon, he and his girlfriend, Lola, have 20 minutes to get another 100k or else he's dead. She decides to go to her father. He decides if she's not there, he's robbing the grocery store across the street from the pay-phone he's using. (This all gets explained in the first 5 minutes.) Considering it all happens pretty much in real time, and no one explained anything about the movie to me before hand, I was confused how they made 20 minutes into an hour and a half long movie. But the thing that makes this movie so amazing it that it's done in 3 acts of the same thing. Each one starts as she hangs up the phone and runs out the door. In each one there's a dog on the stairs. The first one, it simply growls at her and she runs by. The second time, it tries to bite her and she falls. The third time, she growls at it. In total, there's only a split second difference in timing when she actually leaves her building, but the difference it makes in when she gets to places and what occurs. The way that timing affects the decisions that she and Manni (her boyfriend) make. It's an incredible movie. It's in German, so you have to deal with subtitles, but it's not too difficult. The dialog is pretty simple. The other cool thing is the people she comes across and the way the movie deals with them. The film doesn't ignore them, but it doesn't spend 20 minutes on each of them explaining their life stories. It's really cool. I'm not going to give it away.

A really really fun film. I wish they would re-make it shot-for-shot in English, but it almost wouldn't be as good.

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