The Rise of Psychoses

I just took a nap after my early morning shift at Starbucks and I'm thinking to myself (as I'm slightly jittery still from caffeinating myself this morning) that I find it odd that people have their children diagnosed with ADHD or Bi-Polar disorders after heavily caffeinating them or sugaring for weeks and days on end. People load their kids up with Coke and Pepsi and Chocolate and candy and then wonder why they can't pay attention to anything. I don't understand people.

It's like at Starbucks, people leave their cups on the tables, expecting us to clean them up. At Costco, we spend hours re-folding clothes that people unfold to look at, and then just toss back in the pile, not caring that it was all nice and neat before they got there. Or they pull the one from the bottom of the pile, messing up all the ones on top of it. Like the one on the bottom is any better or cleaner than the one on the top. I keep my chin up and hope they grab the bottom one because it's a medium and the ones above it are larges or smalls.

Question of the Day: What do 'people' do that annoys you?

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BlueCoder said...

I can't fold clothes worth a darn but I do clean up after myself in fast food restaurants. Not that being a good customer actually gets you any attention.