This was a cute little movie. I think I liked it because there was a lot familiar in it. My parents have a huge age difference as well. I have close friends with a large age difference. And they all make it work, which is why I was very disappointed in the way this ends. Obviously a relationship is easier if the age difference is smaller, but it's not impossible if there's 14 years between you. All that aside, it's a cute movie. Meryl Streep, as usual, is golden. She is amazing. She makes every movie she's in wonderful. The scene when she figures out that Rafi is dating her son is priceless. Uma Thurman is great, although I had no idea that she was as old as she is playing in this movie. Some people just shouldn't age, I refuse to believe movie stars actually get older. Bryan Greenberg is decent in this movie. He's a good 5 years older than he's supposed to be playing in this, which is a little disappointing when I looked that up, but he's not bad. His acting needs a little refining which he'll get over his next few projects. I was looking at his IMDb page and he's really only done TV.

Cute movie, though I was disappointed in the end.

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